3-Color LED Single Column Waterfall Faucet Review

LED known as the light emitting diode, has been more and more popular in recent years. It leads a trend to an overall revolution in the LED lighting world. Apart from the lighting devices, LED also applied to many fields, such as automobile light, computer monitors and even used in waterfall faucet. Today, I want to introduce a 3-Color LED single column waterfall faucet.

Have you ever wished that the water in your faucet could turn blue, green and red? What about a combination of all these three colors? You will not miss 3-Color LED single column waterfall faucet.

It turns blue when the temperature is below 32℃ and turns to green between 33℃ and 45℃. It will change to red when the temperature over 45℃.

3 Color LED Light Waterfall Faucet for Kitchen Bathroom Sink - Round

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