Owning a Starry Night in Your Room

Have you ever taken it for granted that starry night only will appear at a clear night in the outside door, perfectly in the vast grass with your honey? Yes, that is the most alike appearing pictures when mention about romatic starry night. But in such a crowded city filled with skyscrapers, it is hard to find a place for starry night.

But where there is a regret, there is a way.  Here are two star projectors which may help you owning the starry night in the room. For baby, the cute turtle star projector must be their favorite. Press the button on, the star and moon will flee out of the turtle and fill your room. 3 color lights are available. You can change the light color by the buttons. Press L1 for blue light, L2 for green light. Press L3, you will enter interchangeable mode that the light color will change from orange, green to blue at regular intervals.Price for this turtle star projector is $11.44 plus free shipping.

star projector turtle

turtle star projector

If you think turtle is so cute, you can look at the cosmos projector. The light colors are red, green, blue and pink. On the base, you may notice there are some words about months from January to December. The astrology will be difference in different month.Only $5.56 cost to have this cosmos projector including free shipping.

cosmos projector

cosmos projector

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