A Retro Handset Connected to… Nothing

Wow, guys, look out. There is a crazy man talking into a retro handset connected to… nothing!

Retro Handset

Retro Handset

Yes, no need to doubt about the words you heard. You are not in a cyber chase, and the man also is not crazy at all. What you see is not a baby toys or a decoration. It is a real retro handset without tangled up phone cord that you can make or hang up the call with it. Carefully looking around, you will see there is also a smart phone on the man. When a call in, the handset will ring up, and you can press the button on and pick up the call. How cool it is, right? If you want to be the focus in the people are brave enough, just seize it and go out for fun. After power off, you can recharge it through a USB hub on the bottom. Beside, unlike the first version with a cord, this one also makes an improvement in the voice volume. You can adjust the voice by the button on the side. The price for a Bluetooth retro handset goes about $18.99+ free shipping.


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  • Marcos says:

    Great know-how! I have been browsing for things like that for a while these days. Thanks!

    January 4, 2012 at 2:01 AM

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