How to Make Gorgeous Curls with Soft Bendy Foam Curlers

Our previous generation often feel confused about why girls now with straight hair always wish they had curly hair. And girls with curly hair always wish they had smooth straight hair. Hamm, I think that is because there is a call from the God which tells them that they can become more beautiful.

But in a thought for second, their words are right. In the way of becoming exquisite beauty, our hair have to suffer dangerous chemicals or extreme heat every day and become more and more fragile. Have you thought about make it at home by yourself? Without spending much money in the fashion stylist, you also can achieve luxurious, bouncy curls with some soft bendy foam curlers? No complex at all. It is the easiest way to have gorgeous curls.

How to use it:

soft bendy foam curlers

soft bendy foam curlers

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  1. spray your hair with a little bit of water or hair spray
  2. Section your hair. For easy to achieve good curls, we need to make smaller sections.
  3. Starting at the crown of your head, roll your hair onto the curlers.
  4. keep 20 to 30 minutes and unroll the curlers out.
  5. Use your hand to adjust the hair to keep it in shape and smooth.


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