Spark Your Dream with USB Roll-Up Drum Kit

Some years ago, my brother told me that he wanted a drum kit. I felt so exited to hear about that, but on a second, the fact defeated my idol that our family could not support such an elegant and exorbitant musical instrument. Like a noble and mysterious castle, it was in the remote distance, hardly accessible. Time flies. 4 Years have passed and I already at work for about 1 year. When seeing this USB Roll-Up drum kit, I know, I can spark my brother’s dream from this now.

USB Roll-Up Drum Kit

USB Roll-Up Drum Kit

It is touchable and readily gives you the similar playing experience that a real drum kit gives you.This USB Roll-Up drum kit had 6 pads and drumsticks are included. Record and share with friends and family via e-mail. You can choose various drum samples (Jazz, Rock, Latin, Africa, Waltzes, Country and Electron). It’s so lightweight and portable you can bring it everywhere! Only $19.29 will be cost for having this excelent usb roll-up drum kit.


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