Cool!!How about Put a Red Heart in Boiling Water

Wow, man, if you see a red heart in the boiling water, don’t be so scared just like seeing a vampire is cooking for his favorite dinner. You know, the one just want to reuse his or her hand warmer.

reusable heart hand warmer

reusable heart hand warmer

Today, let’s have a look of this magic reusable heart hand warmer. For the first time use, you need to click the metal disc inside. Then, the clearish gel become opaque and the give you instant warm for approx. 60-120 minutes. And when it loses its warmth, you can wrap it in a steamy towel and throw it into boiling water for about 5-7 minutes and the heart hand warmer resets itself. Once it cools off from its boiling bath, it is ready to be used again. It is a great, fun way to keep your fingers warm this winter. By the way, you can pop the heart hand warmer in the fridge for a few hours and use it as a cooling pack too!Only $4.12 will be cost including free shipping.

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