Every Girl has a Barbie Dream

No one can tell clearly how Barbie gains almost every girls hearts and keeps charming in the following years. Since her launch in 1959, 53 years have passed. Barbie has been at the top of shopping lists, especially during the holiday season. What we know is that every girl has a Barbie dream, a dream filled with numerous dresses and a handsome prince. Having a Barbie sometimes is looked as having all the things a princess may have.

Barbie dream

Barbie dream

Today,let’s take a glimpse of our Barbie world. Here, you can find umbrellas, high heel shoes, bicycle, bridal wedding gown dress, dollhouse, even bedroom furniture in a cheap price. Maybe you will say you already is an adult and don’t need it. But will it take your memory to your child? Of course yes. No girl can stand the lure of Barbie.

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  • Hals says:

    Really its dream for a every girl to have Barbie dolls.
    I have brought a barbie for my daughter she is so happy i can’t express her happiness.
    Thank you TC ..

    January 11, 2012 at 6:11 AM

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