Say Goodbye to the Suck Cold Coffee and Stay Steamy Instead

Everybody likes to have a hot tasty drink in a cold freezing day keeping her or him warm. But sometimes we are too busy to drink. When finish the work at hand, the drink already become lukewarm or cold. Often, we have to suffer that or pour it out and refill a new one. However, there is no need to do that if you have a USB tea mug coffee cup warmer pad.

USB tea mug coffee cup warmer pad

USB tea mug coffee cup warmer pad

All you need to do is place the ceramic mug cup filled with hot liquid on the pad, plug the USB into your computer and press the switch to “on”. This electric cup warmer is convenient for warming your tea or coffee to 50-60 ℃. Say good bye to the cold coffee and stay steamy instead! No matter how busy you, a hot drink is on your hand and ready to give you a warm welcome.

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