Protect Yourself from Pets’ Scratches

Got scratched by your lovely pet all the time? Even after we cut the sharp nails of them, we could still be hurt. Scratches on the body is not so bad, buy, what if your pet get on your face and wave their claws? It can be really scary! So, let me share a great idea of avoiding those: you just need to put on the paw nail caps for your pet.


Ain’t those little nail caps cute? They’ll be even cutter after you put them on your pet.

Nomatter which kind of pet you keep – big dog, little dog, cat or any other pets that come with claws. If it got big claws, buy big size nail caps. And if small claws, buy smaller ones.

And besides the yellow color, there are many more other colors to choose: pink, red, and others.

The material is safe, it’s made from PVC. So it won’t do any harm to your pet. So, get them now before you get more scratches!

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  • Yumika says:

    I’ve been worrying about this, lleaty! My boyfriend and I are talking about getting a dog, but I keep thinking that we’ll get one, and eventually have kids, and then when they’re in middle school (and life is hard enough as it is ), their dog will die and they’ll be distraught! Is that silly? Maybe I’m being dramatic I know I definitely want a pet, I’m just not sure when the right time will be

    April 14, 2012 at 9:28 PM
  • suntekblog says:

    Ha, why not follow your heart?

    April 16, 2012 at 3:34 AM

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