Put Tigger Puppet on Hand and Play with Your Kid

Can’t get tired of playing games with kids, and enjoy the intimate between you and your kids? Just wanna spend a little more time with them and do some preschool teaches while playing. What do you got to choose? Do you ever play the toys on hand game? It’s what all kids love, and it’s a great way to increase the intimate between you and kids.

This tigger hand puppet is cute, funny and easy to handle. Just put your hands into the bottom of the toy, and then reach your five fingers into the seperate five holes: the tigger head, hands and legs. Then you can move your fingers to operate the tigger.

You can start the game with telling a story to your kids. It can begin with “Once upon a time, there lives a tiger…”, create whatever you want and connect with your kids.

If your kids prefer other animals, like dog, you can also buy a spot dog hand puppet.

Now be creative with the hand puppet and enjoy the greate time you create with your kids!

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