GM816 LCD Digital Anemometer & Thermometer

GM816 LCD digital anemometer is the ideal tool for weather enthusiast, lovers of kite flying, kite-surfing, wind-surfing, paragliding, etc. It not only shows you the air velocity, but also the air temperature.

The palm-sized LCD digital anemometer and thermometer is easy to carry. The large LCD display with LED backlight makes the data easy to read even under the poor light conditions. The wind speed will be measured and read according to the Beaufort wind scale bar graph. Apart from the features of wind chill indication, data hold function, high precision pressure sensor, the digital anemometer and thermometer also features in auto/manual power off with temperature showing in Celsius Fahrenheit.

Besides the usage for activities outside, this digital anemometer and thermometer can also be applied for industrial and home purpose. To measure the temperature of the computer or the fan is such an example.

Whatever purpose it’s used for, this professional tool is so easy and convenient.

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