Infrared Thermometer Read Object Temperature without Contact

Infrared thermometer with laser targeting, measuring the object temperature without contact, assists us a lot in our daily life. Your refrigerator makes great noise and it will burn you when you close to its back. It makes sense to check the temperature of the engine to check the problem. The infrared thermometer is also the great tool to inspect and determine the performance of the heating or cooling equipment and the efficiency of installed installed insulation in exterior walls.  Heat will badly affect electronics, especially in the coming hot summer. Some high-performance computing applications has large chances to shut down by the extreme heat after long-time operation. With this non-contact infrared thermometer, you can keep a close eye on its temperature conveniently.

The GM300 non-contact IR laser thermometer is the ideal tool to measure the objects which are hot, hazardous or hard to reach safely and quickly. It is equipped with laser pointer for accurate target aiming. With a 12:1 distance to target ratio, the thermometer can measure smaller surface areas at greater distances. It also  provides accurate readings over a broad range of temperatures, from -50°C to 380 °C, with the °C / °F selection and laser traget pointer ON /OFF selection.

Besides, this infrared thermometer supports high/low temperature alarm setup, Max/Min/Avg./Dif reading. It is powered by standard 9V battery.

This smart laser accessories will make your home and life much sweet.

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