Airtight Pill Holder with Keychain

Guess what it is? In which situation you will use it?

It is the airtight and water-proof box with key chain, which is normally used as pill holder. It is made of aluminum alloy with an o’ring seal. Light-weighted and convenient to hang to your keyrings, handbags, golfbags, etc. The O’ring seal ensures the airtight and water-proof of the pill holder. You do not need to worry your pills will be less effective because of the exposure to air and water. The inner depth of the container is one inch more or less and the inner diameter is half inch. Thus, it can contain pills used for a few days.

It is the great little keychain to have. Especially those mornings when you over sleep, and you don’t have time to open the cabinet and look for your morning pills.

The airtight pill holder with keychain also works great when you travels. It is very small and compact. It screws on and off without hassle. It is very easy to use and helpful. Just clip it to your keys and away you go.

Surely, apart from holding pills, it can also be filled with small candies, chocolates, and such little pill-like stuffs.

Any case you need this cute airtight and water-proof pill holder? Or just for decoration of its simple design. Whatever reason, just try one and pick up your favorite color of the pill cases.

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