Black Anti-fog Swimming Goggles

Like swimming? But in fear of getting your eyes stung by the water? Get this pair of black anti-fog swimming goggles to protect your eyes.

The goggles are made of imported silicone and PC lens. The UV protection PC lens will give you clear vision while swimming. The lenses are also tinted and treated with an advanced anti-fog treatment.  Designed basing on the latest human engineering principle and with streamlined appearance, this pair of goggles will greatly reduce the current resistance.

This pair of black anti-flog swimming goggles has three length options for nose buckle, which will make if for better fit. The length of the strap can also be adjusted easily.

If you love swimming and prefer a clear vision under the water, this pair of goggle will be your great choice. This light-weighted and fashionable goggles will not only protect your eyes, but also enhance your appearance even under the water.

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