Cute Wireless Baby Cry Monitor

Your baby is sleeping sound in the little bed, but you would like to enjoy the sunshine and do some reading in the courtyard before he or she wakes up. However, you are afraid that your baby wakes up earlier than he or she usually does.  Parents, have you ever experienced this before?
The wireless baby cry monitor will monitor the crying of the baby for you. If your baby wakes up and cries, you will be informed by the noise made by the monitor.
One set of baby cry monitor includes the receiver and the transmitter. It is easy to put it into use.
Install two AAA batteries for receiver and transmitter, move the switch to “1″ and “2″(“0″ on transmitter is OFF,”1″ is low detecting sensitivity,”2″ is high detecting sensitivity, “0″ on receiver is OFF, “1″ is low volume, “2″ is high volume)
Place transmitter near baby, the receiver can be placed or carried within the range of wireless signal receiving. In view of electricity saving and the possible effect of wireless to baby, you can switch “Test ON” to “Test OFF” to turn off the test signal which won’t be sent until the baby cries. Once the baby cry or other noise occurs, the receiver may start to make electronic crying noise.
The receiver can work 50 to 60 meters of working distance in clear place, and 20 to 30 meters of working distance in place with obsticles like walls.
The cord strip also makes it easy to place the transmitter and the receiver.

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