Magnetic Thenar Massage Insoles

Getting relaxed while walking? Have you ever heard of it? This magnetic thenar massage insoles have the magic and it will give you a comfortable relaxing massage.
It is made of silicone and magnet. Get one pair and it will fit all as it is very easy to cut to the suitable sizes. It will turn all footwear into massage footwear.
It is ideal insoles for the busy and lazy people who seldom find any time to exercise.
Just put the insoles in the shoes and enjoy the new vitality and foot comfort with these therapeutic magnetic shoe insoles! Every step you take massages the pressure points on the soles of your feet the natural and effortless way while you walk. Discover the centuries-old natural science of acupressure and marvel at the difference it can make in your life.

Acupressure and magnet therapy combine to make this a must have for foot care and pain relief. Massage your feet with this comfortable magnetic health insole that makes up for lack of exercise and stimulates the pressure points located on the soles of your feet. It massages while you walk, improves blood circulation, reduces muscular aches and pains, eliminates foot odors, and so convenient to put into every day use.

Get one pair, try and you will definitely enjoy all the comfort.

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