Say Sorry to Your Mom and Get Prizes

Mother’s day is drawing near.  Have you got any surprises for your moms? What you want to say to your mom on that special day? What is your most regrets and most terrible thing you have done to your mom? And you never find the chance to apologize.

Now here comes the great chance as Suntekstore will hold an Sorry Mom Activity on facebook from from 30th, April to 13rd, May.  Every day, there is a prize giving out and the prize will be posted on its facebook board.  Every day there is at least one winner and the winner will be announced every next day on its facebook board as well.

To participate, you only need to say out your sorry or regrets you have done to your mom by comments of the prize post.

Winner will be picked up randomly from the sorry mom comments. If the shares of the prize post exceed 200, two winners will be picked up every day. The prize is the product in the prize post and the prize differs from day to day.

Everyone may have his own sorry-thing to his mom and what is yours? Ready to take this chance to say out loud and win prize for your mom? Say our special sorrys to our moms but share our common loves to our moms.



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