Ultrasonic Contact Lens Cleaner

Tired of soaking your contact lenses all night and rubbing them with messy solutions? Concerned about cornea diseases caused by germs on lenses? Crazy about expensive multi-purpose solution?

The ultrasonic contact lens cleaner is a must for contact lens wearer, especially great for patients who get a lot of protein build up on their lenses and people whoseeyes are very sensitive to all types of chemicals and debris.

The cleaner is not bigger than the palm of my hand and very light.  It is also very easy to use.

1. Fill the stainless steel compartment with purified water or saline solution.

2. Stick your lenses into the individual “baskets”, put the whole thing together and press “clean” (2 min.) or “disinfect” (6 min. – once a week) button. The clean button is for 2 mins. clean, while the disinfect button is for 6 mins clean, which can be used once a week.

3. The contact lens is done cleaning. Put them in the lens case with the tweezers.

4. Pour out the water or solution from the cleaner and wipe the stainless steel compartment with soft cloth, rinse the baskets and stow the whole thing till the next time.

All in all, the ultrasonic contact lens cleaner is easy and convenient to use. For sure, it saves you a lot time.

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