Enjoy the Beauty of Solar Simulation Butterfly

Lovely and beautiful butterfly is one of the beautiful creatures that we admire, we always can see so much of nature’s magic soars along with the beautiful butterfly. With their bright colors and delicate wings, butterflies bring a special delight to us. Do you want to have your own butterfly living in your home so that you can  enjoy its beauty everyday?

Here comes this solar simulation butterfly to fulfill your dream, the solar simulation butterfly is a new generation solar product, green and beauty, it has a realistic shape, attractive designs and bright color. There are not only a variety case color and thousands of wings patterns can be choose but also can be equipped with suction cup, gold wire, magnet for fixed. It can imitate butterfly flying action, its wings will auto motion up & down when under the sunshine. You can place it on windows, desk and so on for decoration and enjoy its beauty.

Besides, this solar butterfly is also an ideal kids toy which help to enhance environmental awareness as well as develop kids’ intelligence and practical ability.

So, such good solar butterfly, never miss it! Enjoy the fun brought by this cool solar product .

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