Solar Shower Bag Let You Enjoy Your Warm Shower in Expedition Trip

After a whole day hiking or camping trip, I bet you will miss your water heater at home very much. Indeed, what can be more comfortable and relax than taking a warm shower after a long expedition. Use your creativity, you can also have a comfortable warm shower in the outdoor, using fire to make hot water? But that is too troublesome, why not use the solar energy to make hot water? Here comes the camping hiking shower bag case solar heating.

This shower bag is made of non-toxic PVC materials and doesn’t leak anytime. As long as 3 hours, As long as 3 hours, it can makes the 15℃ water reach 45℃.The water flow is controlled by a pull on/off shower spout with large capacity of 10 gallons and well performance on heating absorbility. Natural hot water can be obtained by keeping either front or back surface exposed to the direct sunlight.

Don’t worry about the weight, this solar shower bag is lightweight. What is more, this shower bag can fold away for easy storage with only about 16 oz

Get this useful solar shower bag to enjoy your warm shower after a long expedition now!

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