The Working of a Solar Powered Garden Fountain

Solar powered garden fountains are now available in a large variety of sizes, styles, and designs, from cascading bowls, to birdbaths, and artistic water displays. Many also include LED lights to allow the beauty of the fountain to be displayed at night. With a little planning and shopping around to find the perfect model to meet your needs, you can enjoy the beautiful and soothing effects of a solar garden fountain for years to come.

Solar powered garden fountains add a beautiful and relaxing water element to your garden area. They are unique accents that are sure to become a focal point on any landscape and quickly become a conversation piece for friend, family, and guests alike. They function by converting the solar power received from the sun into energy that is used to power the fountain.


The basic principal behind the working of a solar powered garden fountain is a cool gadget to collect solar energy with the help of solar panels.  The solar heat generated is then turned into motion, causing the solar fountain pump to operate. Solar powered fountain consists of following parts:


Solar Panel: Solar panels can be either a stand-alone component or integrated directly into a component of the fountain.  The panel collects energy from the sun by using solar cells.  The strength and duration of the electric current in a solar fountain depends upon how long the sun shines and the quality of the solar cells.  For proper functioning of solar powered fountains, the solar panel or fountain should be placed where it receives maximum sunlight to keep its battery charged for pump operation. They can even function in the shade, if the separate panel is placed in a sunny area.


Solar Fountain Pump: Solar fountain pumps make use of the energy collected from the solar panel to push water up through the fountain hose or head.  These pumps require a little care like periodic cleaning to ensure proper operation.


Fountain Head: Fountain heads of your solar powered water fountain can create the different water styles and shapes that are produced from the fountain. These fountain heads can create beautiful sprays, bell shapes, bowl-shapes, or just run water to the top of the fountain where it is cascaded to a lower collection reservoir.


Battery Storage Pack: Solar power is available only during the day; energy collected by the solar panels in the daytime is stored in batteries for the use on cloudy days and at night.  These battery packs can store enough energy to make the water fountain work for up to 10 hours after the sun goes down. Solar on-demand fountains offer additional flexibility by allowing power to be utilized whenever needed by using an on/off switch or remote control.  This allows for consistent performance even in cloudy conditions or evening hours.


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