Solar Power Speaker make your Hands Free

How many times has this happened to you? You’ve just settled in for carry-out Chinese, you’re fumbling with your chopsticks with one hand, reading the paper with the other—then suddenly the phone rings. How do your friends and family members always manage to call at the least convenient moment?

You put the newspaper in the crook of your elbow or something, grab the phone, spill hot lumen across your groin, lose control of your vehicle—because let’s face it, there’s a limit to how many other things you can do while driving—and crash into a storefront aerobics studio, killing four. There has to be a better way!


We have five words for you: Bluetooth Solar Charging Handsfree Speaker. Actually, wait. We have 12 words: Bluetooth Solar Charging Handsfree Speaker and you ought to be locked up for life, you psychotic creep.


This in-car speakerphone lets you yak away hands-free on any Bluetooth-enabled cell phone or mobile cool gadgets. That means you’ll have both mitts available for more important commuting-hour projects—like shaving, Sudoku, or building and painting model airplanes.


It draws its power from Earth’s yellow sun, so you can just stick it up in your windshield with the included suction-cup mount, call out a contact for voice dialing, and speed on down that long ribbon of highway, confident that you now pose an incrementally less serious threat to the safety of those around you. The solar powered car Bluetooth speaker also can carry with you and use in office or any other places. Totally free your hands; you will feel a new space with this wonderful solar powered car Bluetooth speaker.

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