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Have some photos of your superstar pet dog? You probably took a ton of pictures of your dog, yeah, what better way to spend some quality time bonding with your dog than with a fun photo session, and pet dogs are so adorable, especially when he or she is dressed in cute dress or fun dress or cool dress. Here Suntekstore providing you large range of good quality pet dog appeals and accessories for your choice, we guarantee that your dog won’t have a “ruff” time, he can be cute as puppy panda, or he can be cool as superman, or she can be elegant as Chinese classical beauty. Whatever he or she wants to be, you can just find the apparels or accessories here. And what more interesting is that with your pet dog being your photo model, you even can get some money back, just take a photo of your pet together with our product(s) & submit via three easy ways, then you can claim 20% rebate.

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Cool Stuff- Enjoy Your Creative and Wonderful Life

You feel that life is sometime a little tedious and lack of fun? Well, let us add some creativity to Life, get the coolest stuff and enjoy your cool life Now!


Being the coolest guy as the super star in a cool dancing party is the dream for most of people, in fact, it is so easy to be cool and fashion. Get the cool LED shoelaces and LED finger Light, ever wear a LED T-shirt, there are so many cool LED stuff for party for your choices.


“wow, this stuff is interesting, your home is so cool and interesting”, do you want to hear such compliment from your friends when they visit your home? Creative stuff will always add fun to home and make home becoming lifesome. You can choose color changing LED shower spray head and nose soap dispenser to make a cool bathroom. And you also can choose solar pump and Pebbles Stones for Walkway to make a cool garden. Come and choose now!


Picking up gifts for friends is always a troublesome case, why not pick some novelties as gifts since almost everyone like interest things, your friends will be happy to receive the interesting spider gadget stand holder for cell phone, and magnetic balls sphere cube is also nice gift.

Cool Gadgets-Cute Solar Powered Moving Smile Sunny Doll Toy

People love sunny day with blue sky and breeze which let us enjoy much fun in the outdoor. Therefore it will be very depressed if come across the rainy weather for days. At this time, you may think of the sunny doll, sunny doll can follow the day grandpa command so that the sky will clear. You can almost imagine the scene that sunny doll stood there motionless, eyes closed, be absorbed in to read aloud: clatter, clatter, sunny weather is coming! Suddenly, the rain stopped.

If you do not have one sunny doll, then why not get one? Compare to the traditional sunny doll which can only shake by the power of wind, new generation of solar sunny doll is much more cute since it can shake with the sunshine, as long as there is light exposure to the solar panels behind it, it will shake its head round that super cute. This lovely solar sunny doll can be hanged on glass and can stand on desks for car decoration or home use, I believe you will have good mood when you look at this cute sunny doll.

Don’t miss this cute solar gadget .

Solar Power Speaker make your Hands Free

How many times has this happened to you? You’ve just settled in for carry-out Chinese, you’re fumbling with your chopsticks with one hand, reading the paper with the other—then suddenly the phone rings. How do your friends and family members always manage to call at the least convenient moment?

You put the newspaper in the crook of your elbow or something, grab the phone, spill hot lumen across your groin, lose control of your vehicle—because let’s face it, there’s a limit to how many other things you can do while driving—and crash into a storefront aerobics studio, killing four. There has to be a better way!


We have five words for you: Bluetooth Solar Charging Handsfree Speaker. Actually, wait. We have 12 words: Bluetooth Solar Charging Handsfree Speaker and you ought to be locked up for life, you psychotic creep.


This in-car speakerphone lets you yak away hands-free on any Bluetooth-enabled cell phone or mobile cool gadgets. That means you’ll have both mitts available for more important commuting-hour projects—like shaving, Sudoku, or building and painting model airplanes.


It draws its power from Earth’s yellow sun, so you can just stick it up in your windshield with the included suction-cup mount, call out a contact for voice dialing, and speed on down that long ribbon of highway, confident that you now pose an incrementally less serious threat to the safety of those around you. The solar powered car Bluetooth speaker also can carry with you and use in office or any other places. Totally free your hands; you will feel a new space with this wonderful solar powered car Bluetooth speaker.

Going green with your phone by using solar chargers

Solar energy is currently one of the hottest events in technological inventions as a large number of people in different parts of the world are becoming familiar with the benefits of promoting and going after the use of solar energy. More research is being performed, cool gadgets manufactured and here comes the solar powered cell phone chargers.

Going green with your phone by using solar chargers is a powerful and simple way of lowering your carbon footprint. Nearly all of us own a cell phone; have you ever pondered use another kind of green energy to power it?  When the most people use electricity charge their cell phone, but you charge your cell phone through solar charger, isn’t it very fashionable? They have electricity powered phone, what do you have is a solar charger phone.


What is a solar charger phone, it is the phone which driven by solar charger, it is a stylish phone. This device is a compact one constructed with solar panels. Innovations in solar cell technology have minimized the size of these cells along with the cost. This is good news for the consumer.


There are various options than traditional chargers to charge your cell phone:USB form your computer, AC outlet and sun.  The superb benefit of the solar charger is it could store power for your emergent use. Furthermore, recharge your mobile phone 60 minutes, and then you will obtain approximately 100-150 minutes of talk time.


The renewable source of energy, the solar energy can be used for charging your cell phones. One such thing is the invention of solar cell phone charger. This solar charger is a device which will make full use of the solar energy supplied by the sun and change it into the required amount of electrical energy which is needed in order to charge the mobile phone. These cool gadgets can be used as an alternative means for charging your cell phone, which helps in saving electricity.

Enjoy the Beauty of Solar Simulation Butterfly

Lovely and beautiful butterfly is one of the beautiful creatures that we admire, we always can see so much of nature’s magic soars along with the beautiful butterfly. With their bright colors and delicate wings, butterflies bring a special delight to us. Do you want to have your own butterfly living in your home so that you can  enjoy its beauty everyday?

Here comes this solar simulation butterfly to fulfill your dream, the solar simulation butterfly is a new generation solar product, green and beauty, it has a realistic shape, attractive designs and bright color. There are not only a variety case color and thousands of wings patterns can be choose but also can be equipped with suction cup, gold wire, magnet for fixed. It can imitate butterfly flying action, its wings will auto motion up & down when under the sunshine. You can place it on windows, desk and so on for decoration and enjoy its beauty.

Besides, this solar butterfly is also an ideal kids toy which help to enhance environmental awareness as well as develop kids’ intelligence and practical ability.

So, such good solar butterfly, never miss it! Enjoy the fun brought by this cool solar product .

The Working of a Solar Powered Garden Fountain

Solar powered garden fountains are now available in a large variety of sizes, styles, and designs, from cascading bowls, to birdbaths, and artistic water displays. Many also include LED lights to allow the beauty of the fountain to be displayed at night. With a little planning and shopping around to find the perfect model to meet your needs, you can enjoy the beautiful and soothing effects of a solar garden fountain for years to come.

Solar powered garden fountains add a beautiful and relaxing water element to your garden area. They are unique accents that are sure to become a focal point on any landscape and quickly become a conversation piece for friend, family, and guests alike. They function by converting the solar power received from the sun into energy that is used to power the fountain.


The basic principal behind the working of a solar powered garden fountain is a cool gadget to collect solar energy with the help of solar panels.  The solar heat generated is then turned into motion, causing the solar fountain pump to operate. Solar powered fountain consists of following parts:


Solar Panel: Solar panels can be either a stand-alone component or integrated directly into a component of the fountain.  The panel collects energy from the sun by using solar cells.  The strength and duration of the electric current in a solar fountain depends upon how long the sun shines and the quality of the solar cells.  For proper functioning of solar powered fountains, the solar panel or fountain should be placed where it receives maximum sunlight to keep its battery charged for pump operation. They can even function in the shade, if the separate panel is placed in a sunny area.


Solar Fountain Pump: Solar fountain pumps make use of the energy collected from the solar panel to push water up through the fountain hose or head.  These pumps require a little care like periodic cleaning to ensure proper operation.


Fountain Head: Fountain heads of your solar powered water fountain can create the different water styles and shapes that are produced from the fountain. These fountain heads can create beautiful sprays, bell shapes, bowl-shapes, or just run water to the top of the fountain where it is cascaded to a lower collection reservoir.


Battery Storage Pack: Solar power is available only during the day; energy collected by the solar panels in the daytime is stored in batteries for the use on cloudy days and at night.  These battery packs can store enough energy to make the water fountain work for up to 10 hours after the sun goes down. Solar on-demand fountains offer additional flexibility by allowing power to be utilized whenever needed by using an on/off switch or remote control.  This allows for consistent performance even in cloudy conditions or evening hours.


Solar Shower Bag Let You Enjoy Your Warm Shower in Expedition Trip

After a whole day hiking or camping trip, I bet you will miss your water heater at home very much. Indeed, what can be more comfortable and relax than taking a warm shower after a long expedition. Use your creativity, you can also have a comfortable warm shower in the outdoor, using fire to make hot water? But that is too troublesome, why not use the solar energy to make hot water? Here comes the camping hiking shower bag case solar heating.

This shower bag is made of non-toxic PVC materials and doesn’t leak anytime. As long as 3 hours, As long as 3 hours, it can makes the 15℃ water reach 45℃.The water flow is controlled by a pull on/off shower spout with large capacity of 10 gallons and well performance on heating absorbility. Natural hot water can be obtained by keeping either front or back surface exposed to the direct sunlight.

Don’t worry about the weight, this solar shower bag is lightweight. What is more, this shower bag can fold away for easy storage with only about 16 oz

Get this useful solar shower bag to enjoy your warm shower after a long expedition now!

Hot Selling Knitting Weaving Wool Yarn

If you are a knitting lover, and are looking for some good quality and attractive price wool yarn, then you got the right place. Today I would like to recommend our hot selling knitting weaving wool yarn, lots of our customers gave their good reviews as these high quality wool yarn is extremely soft and seems very, very warm.

All the wool yarn is 95% goat cashmere and 5% mink cashmere, there are 3 internal strands, measures about 437 yards / 400m in length. As we are know that wool is a beautiful, durable yarn that is a pleasure to work with and holds its shape well. However you have to pay attention that many wools aren’t machine washable, neither does our wool yarn. They need gentle hand wash or dry clean, but I bet you will feel all it is worthy when you get these soft and warm wool in hand.

1 Skein Ball Cashmere Knitting Weaving Wool Yarn only need USD US$4.89.