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Hot Selling Knitting Weaving Wool Yarn

If you are a knitting lover, and are looking for some good quality and attractive price wool yarn, then you got the right place. Today I would like to recommend our hot selling knitting weaving wool yarn, lots of our customers gave their good reviews as these high quality wool yarn is extremely soft and seems very, very warm.

All the wool yarn is 95% goat cashmere and 5% mink cashmere, there are 3 internal strands, measures about 437 yards / 400m in length. As we are know that wool is a beautiful, durable yarn that is a pleasure to work with and holds its shape well. However you have to pay attention that many wools aren’t machine washable, neither does our wool yarn. They need gentle hand wash or dry clean, but I bet you will feel all it is worthy when you get these soft and warm wool in hand.

1 Skein Ball Cashmere Knitting Weaving Wool Yarn only need USD US$4.89.

Black Anti-fog Swimming Goggles

Like swimming? But in fear of getting your eyes stung by the water? Get this pair of black anti-fog swimming goggles to protect your eyes.

The goggles are made of imported silicone and PC lens. The UV protection PC lens will give you clear vision while swimming. The lenses are also tinted and treated with an advanced anti-fog treatment.  Designed basing on the latest human engineering principle and with streamlined appearance, this pair of goggles will greatly reduce the current resistance.

This pair of black anti-flog swimming goggles has three length options for nose buckle, which will make if for better fit. The length of the strap can also be adjusted easily.

If you love swimming and prefer a clear vision under the water, this pair of goggle will be your great choice. This light-weighted and fashionable goggles will not only protect your eyes, but also enhance your appearance even under the water.

LCD Digital Count Down Timer Alarm

   This LCD digital count down timer alarm has three keys, M, S and Start/Stop with the maximum countdown of 99 minutes and 59 seconds.

  Powered by AG13 battery, the timer will send out alarm once time outs. It is prefect to time your cooking time, noon break time, study time, hair dressing time, stew time, play time, meeting time, etc.

 You are able to set time and use the timer easily following the tips below.

1. Press M button to set desired minutes.
2. Press S button to set desired seconds.
3. Press START/STOP button once to start timer.
4. Press M to show with S key to return the zero to reset at the same time.
5. Enactment time to countdown is “ZERO” second hour occurrence alert.
6. Press RESET button to stop alarm.

With a magnetic mounting clips, it can either clip on something or stand on their own. Small-sized, this handy timer can be used anywhere an alarm is needed.

Pocket Tool with Multiple Uses

Stainless steel pocket tool has 11 functions,  a can opener, knife edge, screwdriver, ruler, cap opener, 4-position wrench, butterfly screw wrench, saw blade, direction ancillary wrench, 2-position wrench, and a keychain hole.

Sizing in 6.8 x 4.5 x 0.2cm (2.68 x 1.78 x 0.079 inch), this pocket tool fits perfectly in the wallet without adding bulk.  It is also a great tool to keep in a glove box.

This little tool will bring you great convenience wherever you are.

At the office, it makes pulling paper clips a cinch, cutting paper and boxes easily. And it will also help you with the loose nut on your desk.

Wherever you are, the pocket tool will help you to open beverages with the bottle opener. You can hardly imagine it will remove stubborn or the heavy duty staples. But it really does.

If you are fond of online shopping and has a ton of stuff to receive, the stainless steel tool comes into help once you shipments needs open. It will save you from running around the house looking for scissors.

All in all, this tiny pocket tool takes up almost no space and it is indeed great if you have nothing else at hand as it just  happens to help.

GM816 LCD Digital Anemometer & Thermometer

GM816 LCD digital anemometer is the ideal tool for weather enthusiast, lovers of kite flying, kite-surfing, wind-surfing, paragliding, etc. It not only shows you the air velocity, but also the air temperature.

The palm-sized LCD digital anemometer and thermometer is easy to carry. The large LCD display with LED backlight makes the data easy to read even under the poor light conditions. The wind speed will be measured and read according to the Beaufort wind scale bar graph. Apart from the features of wind chill indication, data hold function, high precision pressure sensor, the digital anemometer and thermometer also features in auto/manual power off with temperature showing in Celsius Fahrenheit.

Besides the usage for activities outside, this digital anemometer and thermometer can also be applied for industrial and home purpose. To measure the temperature of the computer or the fan is such an example.

Whatever purpose it’s used for, this professional tool is so easy and convenient.

Flexible 60cm LED Blue Strip Light

Want to add more lighting and colors to your home? Want to be notable while driving in the dark?  Want to make your advertisement more eye-catching? For whatever usage, the flexible 60cm LED blue strip light is the great helper.

  • This flexible LED light strip has 30 LEDs, producing super bright blue lighting. It is waterproof and easy to clean with flexible and durable strip.  It is also easy to install with the self-adhesive back and double-sided adhesive tape.
  • With low power consumption, the tape is widely used in our daily life.
  • It can be used as lights for hallways, stairs, trails, windows or whatever place for festival or party decoration.
It is also used for architectural decorative lighting, archway, canopy and bridge edge lighting, etc.
It is commonly used in advertisement as well, such as single letter lighting, advertisement sign lighting, etc.
For security lighting, it is applied to light cars, motorbikes. With the lights, your cars or other automobiles will be definitely outstanding and also notable in the darkness.
Besides these blue lights, there are various other LED light strips in different length for your choice.

Enjoy the Beautiful Starry Night just Lying in the Bed

Star master colorful starry night bedside lamp bring you star universe back home. Just lying in the bed, open your eyes and you will enjoy the colorful starry sky.

  • This star master colorful starry night bedside lamp features two function keys – STAR and LED. When you switch the LED on, the color of the light will changes in red, green, blue and pink. While you switch the STAR on, you are able to enjoy the starry night sky. It is great fun to adjust the different scenes according to 12 months in a year by rotating the base while the function key is on.
Are you kids are scared of darkness? If they are, why not present this bedside lamp for them. It will not only drive out the darkness, but also will interest them to the astronomy world.
Are you couples want to create some wonderful romantic moments? Go for this bedside lamp. It will easily create the surprising moment just at home. Set the romantic scene, you two will definitely enjoy whatever romantic moment you can imagine.
For whatever, just for this price $6.39, you have all the reasons to have one in your bedroom.

Ready for Camping?

Summer is coming!

Now it is the late spring and early summer, a perfect time for camping and spring hiking. But don’t forget to bring the amazing LED clip-on hat flashlight with you.

The LED clip-on hat flashlight has become the new hot gadget for those who loves outdoor activities, especially the campers and the hikers.  It can be easily securely to the brim of your hat or visor with the two clips.  No wires or bands allows the hat flashlight fastest to be taken on and off.  It is a perfect necessity in the darkness. With this unit attached to the brim of the hat or visor,  you’ve got hands-free illumination that always shines in the direction you are facing, without the need for the straps that support the “miners” lamps. It provides a strong enough beam to illuminate the path ahead as you walk, and is wide enough to not run into your fellow campers.

This LED clip-on hat flashlight is outstanding among others as it not only shares all the features of the other LED clip-on hat flashlight, but also provides 3 lighting modes, which is seldom shared by other lights. The three modes, the 2 LED white light, 4 LED white light and 2 LED flashing red light are smart to be used in different occasions. The 4 LED light can provide you the bring light for reading at night in the camp. While the 2 LED flashing red light can be used for fun, the 2 LED white light can be used to watch out the path ahead of you.

It is multiple-usage lights. Possibly that’s the reason it becomes the hot favorites among hikers and campers.