Magic LED Shoelaces

Flashing LED shoelaces can be the buzz word for the night gatherings. They are the most popular product on the led market today and kids go nuts for them. They are of great fun for festivals, clubs, bar, prom, dance or jagging in the night.

They are almost suitable for any kinds of lacy shoes, such as sneakers, boots, skates, etc. They can also be used as bracelets, necklaces or for pet collars. For some special parties or festivals, these flashing LED shoelaces can be your fun decoration on your shoes or costumes.

This blue LED glow flash shoelaces are made of high transparent plastic material & optical fiber LED, extremely bright with high beam stability. The lithium CR2032 button batteries can keep the shoelaces  on flashing for about 70 hours.

The three modes, normally on, slow blinking and fast blinking, adds you to switch the brightness of the laces to your preference.

The shoelaces are waterproof, durable, safe to use. All the children above 6 years old can play with these glow led shoelaces.

They are easy to use. Used as shoelaces, fasten the lace onto your shoe, insert the ends of your lace from the hole underneath the driver, then, insert the ends of the lace into the holes on the side and turn the switch to the “lock” position. Here, you will get the a pair of fantastic, flashing shoe laces if you press the central button.

Want to be eye-catching on the prom or gatherings at night, wear these flash LED shoelaces.


Mesh Goggle Glasses: Necessity for Outdoor Games & Activities

Woo, it is Friday! Weekend is coming soon.

Have you got any plan for the weekend? Travelling?Picnic?Play games with friends?Or even organize a team for adventure the desert, forest?

Anyway, whatever you plan to do and amuse yourself , safety always comes first.

If you prefer to adventure the forest or playing the airsoft, hunting or CS games, these mesh goggle glasses are the necessity you need and it does an wonderful protector for your eyes.

These light-weighted mesh goggle glasses will protect your eyes from striking by insects and hurting by tree branch in forest or other remote outer field.  In CS games, they can resist the BB ammo while playing.  When you play airsoft, these mesh goggle glasses will surely allow you to wear a balaclava or shemagh without worry of the fogging version.  Besides, the soft plastic flame and ergonomic design make the mesh goggle glasses comfortable to wear. The metal mesh ensures the durable use of the glasses as they can withstand resist high impact. The elastic head-strap with buckles makes them suitable for different facial shapes and sizes.

Not want to own one pair and enjoy the comfort and protection?

Put Tigger Puppet on Hand and Play with Your Kid

Can’t get tired of playing games with kids, and enjoy the intimate between you and your kids? Just wanna spend a little more time with them and do some preschool teaches while playing. What do you got to choose? Do you ever play the toys on hand game? It’s what all kids love, and it’s a great way to increase the intimate between you and kids.

This tigger hand puppet is cute, funny and easy to handle. Just put your hands into the bottom of the toy, and then reach your five fingers into the seperate five holes: the tigger head, hands and legs. Then you can move your fingers to operate the tigger.

You can start the game with telling a story to your kids. It can begin with “Once upon a time, there lives a tiger…”, create whatever you want and connect with your kids.

If your kids prefer other animals, like dog, you can also buy a spot dog hand puppet.

Now be creative with the hand puppet and enjoy the greate time you create with your kids!

Keep Me as the Apple of Your Eye

apple necklace

apple necklace

Keep me as the apple of the eye. Hide me under the shadow of thy wings.—Bible

When I was asked to suggest something about the gifts I want to receive in Valentine’s Day, these words came to my head without notice. When mention about showing love or romantic, candies, flowers and some heart shape gadgets are surely on the show list. And we get used to it.

Have you use apple to show your love? Or have you see someone use apple to express love?Apple is regarded as the most precious thing in Bible. Keep me as the apple of the eye means that you are the only one I care in my heart. Be the one he or she see and all that he or she hopes to see. No one can replace your statue, because you are the apple of his eyes.

If you are still in trouble of how to express your love, why not try a apple and tell your lover that you are the apple of my eye.

love apple

love apple


The Chinese Traditional Knot Brings You Happiness and Good Luck

chinese knotToday is Chinese traditional eve of the Minor New Year. In this day, people in China will clean the room and decorate the home with some beautiful red Chinese knots. Red couplets and red lanterns are displayed on the door frames and light up the atmosphere. Though working in a country far away from my family, I, of course will go home early and prepare a super dinner.

In this special day, I really like to tell some interesting thing about the Chinese Knot. Chinese Knot or Chinese traditional decorating Knot is a kind of characteristic folk decorations of handicraft art, appeared in ancient time, developed in Tang and Song Dynasty (960-1229A.D.) and popularized in Ming and Qing Dynasty (1368-1911A.D.) No matter how complicated it may looked, often there is  only one cord. With this cord, people combine different knots or other auspicious adornments skillfully, and then an unique auspicious ornament which represents beauty, idea and wishes is formed. Often a Chinese knot symblize family reunion,happiness , good Luck .

You say you are interested in it? Wow,if you really like it and want it, please leave your comment here and give me your email address. I will transfer your thought to the company.



Every Girl has a Barbie Dream

No one can tell clearly how Barbie gains almost every girls hearts and keeps charming in the following years. Since her launch in 1959, 53 years have passed. Barbie has been at the top of shopping lists, especially during the holiday season. What we know is that every girl has a Barbie dream, a dream filled with numerous dresses and a handsome prince. Having a Barbie sometimes is looked as having all the things a princess may have.

Barbie dream

Barbie dream

Today,let’s take a glimpse of our Barbie world. Here, you can find umbrellas, high heel shoes, bicycle, bridal wedding gown dress, dollhouse, even bedroom furniture in a cheap price. Maybe you will say you already is an adult and don’t need it. But will it take your memory to your child? Of course yes. No girl can stand the lure of Barbie.

Take a Waist Exercise at Anytime

It is definitely a highly unique gift idea for men, it is a big boy’s toy for men who have everything else, and it is a revolutionary new fitness product for men or women to help build substantial power and strength in the wrists, forearms and shoulders. Take this Green powerball, you don’t even have to use anything else to work your upper body!

Green Power Strength Powerball Wrist Care Gyro

Green Power Strength Powerball Wrist Care Gyro

We all have exercise equipment. Most of that equipment is anything but portable. We have access to it only when we are at home. The problem is that we aren’t always at home, but we still need to get in some exercise. This Green Powerball Wrist Care Gyro is completely portable that you can just throw it in your bag or suitcase and take it to anywhere you go. There are two red internal LEDs that will automatically light up while spinning, it just looks like a crowd of fireflies revolving in the midair. This amazing Green Powerball Wrist Care Gyro only cost US$9.14 +free shipping.

Cool!!How about Put a Red Heart in Boiling Water

Wow, man, if you see a red heart in the boiling water, don’t be so scared just like seeing a vampire is cooking for his favorite dinner. You know, the one just want to reuse his or her hand warmer.

reusable heart hand warmer

reusable heart hand warmer

Today, let’s have a look of this magic reusable heart hand warmer. For the first time use, you need to click the metal disc inside. Then, the clearish gel become opaque and the give you instant warm for approx. 60-120 minutes. And when it loses its warmth, you can wrap it in a steamy towel and throw it into boiling water for about 5-7 minutes and the heart hand warmer resets itself. Once it cools off from its boiling bath, it is ready to be used again. It is a great, fun way to keep your fingers warm this winter. By the way, you can pop the heart hand warmer in the fridge for a few hours and use it as a cooling pack too!Only $4.12 will be cost including free shipping.

Shinning Shining Pebbles in the Yard

Maybe, your guys in US, UK or other western countries can not understand know how much a Chinese girl want having a yard with flowers in boom, dog running in the sunshine and the rocking swing climbed with rattans. Though we often say China is an extensive country, its people also reach 1.3 billion. To each people, the available land is less than expected. If I have a yard, I think I will spend most of my time on to make it special and comfortable. For the goods which may help decorate the yard, I indeed will pay more attention.

Shinning Shining Pebbles

Shinning Shining Pebbles

Here is a special one for the walkway in yard. Line a walkway, edge a flower bed or fill a planter with these unique acrylic pebbles will be an excellent idea to let your guests say wow when seeing it. Besides, it can guide your to your home without no batteries needed in the dark. After being exposed to daylight, these pebbles will spark soft light at night. How cool it is! Just imagine it and have it in your yard. There are two colors choosable: green and bule.100 Man-made Glow in the Dark Pebbles Stone for Walkway only cost $14.84 +free shipping. No expensive at all. That price is for 100 pebbles stone.



Light up Your Hair with this Fiber Optic Hair Extension

Our experiences tell us that in the night party, we should care more on our wearing, shoes and other accessories like bag and necklace.  But have you considered that in the dim light, people’s eyes are more attracted by the shinning gadgets. If you saw the previous article, you will know that boys can have a pair of shinning Led shoelace. (If not, you can know that by clicking here) But how about girls, of course I will seize the chance and find a good LED gadget to make ladies out of standing.

Fiber Optic Hair Extension

Fiber Optic Hair Extension

After about one month, I finally got this one — fiber optic hair extension. You can cut it in any size you want to fit your hair. Then clip the barrette into your hair. Let it looks like sparkling from your hair. Let’s see how it works on other girls. Can anyone say it is not charming?the price for this one is $1.99+free shipping.

Fiber Optic Hair Extension

Fiber Optic Hair Extension


Fiber Optic Hair Extension

Fiber Optic Hair Extension