More Fun on bathing with Nose Soap Dispenser

In a visit to your friend’s home, but seeing a huge runny nose fixed on the bathroom wall, you are ready to rush out from the bathroom and scream for help. However, a laughing flies into your ear. Your friend just stands aside and couldn’t help laughing out. What happened? Don’t be too nervous about it. It is just a bathroom product–soap dispenser.

Nose Soap Dispenser

Nose Soap Dispenser

Calm down and see it clearly, you may find the interesting sides of it. Squeeze the nose, the gel will be squeezed out from the right nostril. There are 3 suction cups and a hole on the back for easy installation. You can refill the gel from a hole on the back side of the nose. If you just have a baby who doesn’t like bathe and even cry out when you are preparing the water, this hilarious dispenser will attract her or him attention and create more fun on bathing.

Price for A Fun Runny Nose Bathroom Shower Gel Soap Dispenser is $8 + free shipping.

Give More Cares to Keep Your Dog Safe at Night Walking

When coming back home, taking our dog out for a walk is the daily activity. However, the safety problem should not be neglected. If you have some experiences on pets, you must know many pets lost their lives under the wheel. Concerning about this, we should give more cares to our pets.

collar led dog

led dog collar

Though it may not sure 1000% safe, but a LED collar may help to reduce the rate and give more safety to your dog. When having a walk at night, you can switch on the power button in the collar and choose the permanent light mode or rapid flash mode. 6 LED lights will be lighted up and emit bright blue lights. The collar can be disassemble and washable. You can also take it down, if you think this will make your dog uncomfortable or need to be washed after some time. No need to worry about the battery. There are 2 CR2032 button batteries included. You can replace it by yourselves. For the price,a led dog collar only cost $4.59 + free shipping.

Beside, drivers also need to be cautious when driving. If you hurt one pet accidentally, please stop your car for some minutes and phone the number left on the collar. This will help to save a life.

The Ice Cube Lighted Up in the Water

Throwing the ice cube into the water, it may float on the water, or smelt apart gradually, or…What else will you come up in mind about? Have you ever seen an ice cube shinning different lights on the water?

cube ice

ice cube

I am not boasting about something phantasmic,and what you see is true that this ice cube is blinking on the water. No matter how hard you will try, you can not find any power button and see any signal of light until it meet the water for there is no obvious power button at all. Carried a water sensor, it would light up automatically once into water.

Most of you must already find out that it is not a real one, but an ice cube shape LED light. Yes, however who cares about it after a successful party. The purposes to decorate a fantastic party which makes your friend be happy and adores your fashion taste have been achieved. More important is that one multi-colors ice cube LED light only cost $1.99 plus free shipping. You don’t need to worry about it will cost much budget of the wedding or party.

More LED accessories and LED gadget can be found here.

Transformix Robot Light the Dark

What do you have in hand for the unpredicted blackout? I think most of us will give an answer of mobile phone. Though we may need a flash light some times, we still don’t want take a stumpy one in our bag or place it on the desk for we will be take a risk of being laughed as outdated and stubborn man.

Light Transformix Robot

Transformix Robot Light

But how about a Transformix Robot torch lamp which can display in different poses? The 6 legs with 2 joints can be pulled out and in. You can transform it into robot, spider and scorpion? One super bright lamp locates on the centre of the head. Light will shine out of its face when you press the button on his top. In a name oflaser flashlight, I think it more looks like a transformer who is ready to fight with the Dark and protect us from any hurts.

$ 4.79  will be cost for a Multi-functional Torch Cool Toy Mini Led Flashlight Transformix Robot Light Torch Lamp + free shipping

Creepy Spider Scratch on Your iphone 4 ! ! !

Watch out, there is a creepy spider on your iphone 4!!!

stand holder spider

spider stand holder


Spider Gadget Stand Holder Grip Dock for iPhone iPad Cell Phone $5.99+free shipping

Being cheated by the picture? Don’t worry too much about it, the iphone is fine. What you just saw is a spider stand holder. Like the real creepy crawlers in shape, it can be used for holding you phone or connecting your devices to the car, bike or anywhere you want. The 8 legs with 3 joints can be positioned in any direction to angle. Is it like a super Spider Man who can cling to most surfaces and shoot spider-webs to protect human beings? This spider holder’s super power is not for protect human beings but protect your device by the 8 bendable legs. This spider holder will only run you $5.99 plus free shipping. Four colors :black,purple,orange,and blue are available.

holder spider

spider holder

holder spider

spider holder



A Candle? Not Only a Candle

Want giving your honey a sweet romantic dinner or showing your love to an adorable girl but the wind doesn’t understand your mind and blows the lighted candles off all the time? How about abandon the traditional candles and choose some LED gadget?

candle lamp LED

LED candle lamp

12pcs Blow Out LED Candle Wedding Party Favor Decor – Changing Color cost $10.38+free shipping

There are many kinds of LED candle lamps to fit your special needs. Some look alike real candles in light with sound-activated function that you can also blow the candle off. Turn the power button on the bottom, a soft light will be leaked from the candle lamp and fill the room. Some could change colors and give you a fascinating mood. What’s more, the LED lamp doesn’t cost the regenerating resource—petroleum and can be used many times. The only thing you need to do is replace the battery and lamp some times.

Get the Geek Flashing LED Christmas Gifts Here!

Are you one of those LED geeks who stick into the seas of market to find some unique flashing LED Christmas gift with an affordable price for your friends? No matter what your answer it is, the goods below will shock you.

Top 1. LED Flashing Finger Gloves. Some of you must have seen a video about LED finger dance on Youtube. But what the man used is laser finger light not LED gloves. You can decorate some bling bling thing on the gloves in light place and power on the gloves in the dark. When power on, each finger tips will be lighted up in 7 modes, 3 single color modes, 2 changing color modes, and 2 blinking modes. You can change the light modes by pressing the button on the wrist. No need to worry about that your hand can not move smoothly for the wrist of the glove is stretchable. If your friend is keen to dance, this LED flashing finger gloves will be a great choice.

Finger Gloves  LED Flashing

LED Flashing Finger Gloves

A Pair of LED Flashing Light Glow Rave Party Finger Gloves cost $11.79 plus free shipping

Top 2. LED Mushroom Lamp. You can place the flower and leaves at any shape and anywhere within the man-made grass as you want. The three LED mushroom lights will adapt the light according to the environment.

Mushroom Lamp LED

LED Mushroom Lamp


Romantic LED Mushroom Lamp Decoration Night Light cost $13.78 plus free shipping

Top 3. DIY Blue LED Belt Buckle. The LED buckle can store 6 messages, each up to 256 characters long. You can decide what the buckle displaces without the help of computer.

Belt Buckle DIY Blue LED

DIY Blue LED Belt Buckle

DIY Blue Chrome Flashlight Scrolling LED Belt Buckle cost $15.99 plus free shipping.

Top 4. Color-changing Flickering Candle LED Light Sound-activated.Turn the power button on the bottom, a soft light will be leaked from the candle. Thought without flame or smoke, it looks like a real candle. You can also blow the candle off for there is a sensitive sound-activated power hole beside the lamp.

Color-changing Flickering Candle LED Light Sound-activated

Color-changing Flickering Candle LED Light Sound-activated

10x Color-changing Flickering Candle LED Light Sound-activated cost $11.56+free shipping.

Top 5. Digital Projector Ray LED Alarm Clock Projection. Press the projector button on, the time will be projected in the wall and last for 7 seconds.You can clearly know the time at night.

igital Projector Ray LED Alarm Clock Projection

igital Projector Ray LED Alarm Clock Projection

Digital Projector Ray LED Alarm Clock Projection cost $11.44+free shpping

Top 6. L-1099 Metal Series 3.5 Channels Infrared RC Mini Helicopter. Living in a world with many colorful fantastic different toys must be every kid’s dream. And even when we grow up, this dream still hides in our heart for it has been rooted deeply.

L-1099 Metal Series 3.5 Channels Infrared RC Mini Helicopter

L-1099 Metal Series 3.5 Channels Infrared RC Mini Helicopter

L-1099 Metal Series 3.5 Channels Infrared RC Mini Helicopter (Blue) cost $22.26

Top 7.Fashion LED Wrist Watch (Coffee).With this LED watch ,you will not miss the time in the dark. LED watch is not only fashion but also very helpful in the wild.


Fashion LED Wrist Watch

Fashion LED Wrist Watch

Fashion round Shaped Silicone Watchband LED Wrist Watch (Coffee) cost $10.83 +free shipping

Top 8.Ocean Waves Night Light Projector with Speaker.Have you ever dream to be a mermaid who live under the sea and listen the wave songs every day? The waves light projector will make your dream come true.

Ocean Waves Night Light Projector

Ocean Waves Night Light Projector

Ocean Waves Night Light Projector with Speaker cost $18.03 plus free shipping

Top 9.Nylon Safety Collar with Blue LED Flashing Light for Dog Pet. Of course, we should not forget our pets. They are one of our family members and deserve our sincere care.

Nylon Safety Collar with Blue LED Flashing Light for Dog Pet.

Nylon Safety Collar with Blue LED Flashing Light for Dog Pet.

Nylon Safety Collar with Blue LED Flashing Light for Dog Pet cost $4.59 plus free shipping

Top 10.12 LED Lights Pond Fountain Mist Maker Machine Fogger.With it , you can make a colorful mist decoration by yourself.

12 LED Lights Pond Fountain Mist Maker

12 LED Lights Pond Fountain Mist Maker

12 LED Lights Pond Fountain Mist Maker Machine Fogger with US Adaptor cost $17.12 plus free shipping

Being a Quintessential Hot Girl and Seize Attention

Compare to Adam, God must spend much time to make Eve as there are numerous beautiful costumes for women. When facing such a grace, women really should not find any excuse but accept this grace as obligation to make themselves attractive. To be a beauty is not only for man’s watching, but also for self enjoyment. But questions will come after about how to be hot and gorgeous especially when facing your boyfriend or husband in the special days?

custums sexy  women

sexy women custums

$29.34 Lovely Pink Slim Fit Bunny Girl Fancy Dress Costume Lingerie

Here are some tips:

1. Know your advantages and disadvantage. Show off the most charming parts is an import part in beauty’s lesson. There is no an ugly girl but lazy girl.

2. Find a suitable sexy costume which can reveal your legs and mid-drift or tamer versions that simply may be a little shorter than traditional costumes.

3. Try different style and give him fresh experience.

4. Choose some accessories like black fishnets or another adornment fit your custom well.

If you have other advises, welcome to leave your message here.

Owning a Starry Night in Your Room

Have you ever taken it for granted that starry night only will appear at a clear night in the outside door, perfectly in the vast grass with your honey? Yes, that is the most alike appearing pictures when mention about romatic starry night. But in such a crowded city filled with skyscrapers, it is hard to find a place for starry night.

But where there is a regret, there is a way.  Here are two star projectors which may help you owning the starry night in the room. For baby, the cute turtle star projector must be their favorite. Press the button on, the star and moon will flee out of the turtle and fill your room. 3 color lights are available. You can change the light color by the buttons. Press L1 for blue light, L2 for green light. Press L3, you will enter interchangeable mode that the light color will change from orange, green to blue at regular intervals.Price for this turtle star projector is $11.44 plus free shipping.

star projector turtle

turtle star projector

If you think turtle is so cute, you can look at the cosmos projector. The light colors are red, green, blue and pink. On the base, you may notice there are some words about months from January to December. The astrology will be difference in different month.Only $5.56 cost to have this cosmos projector including free shipping.

cosmos projector

cosmos projector

Break the Night with LED Glow Shoelaces

If you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere without emergency flares, this LED shoelacescan take their place. If the power goes out in your cramped apartment and you don’t have a flashlight or candles, LED shoelaces can help you see well enough to move around.

shoelaces LED Glow

LED Glow shoelaces

$3.99 Blue LED Glow Flash Shoelaces For Party Night Sports+free shipping

Above is something about how useful this cool shoelace will be in some emergency situation. But I think most of us will not meet such a situation and having fun with it will be our first concern. Dancing in a bar, club, pub, or wherever you like to, you’ll be the coolest person in the night. You can also make a DIY by yourself. Naturally, the shoelaces are sold per pair, at $3.99 each pair with different colors available. Length/Diameter is 800×2.8 mm. For the battery, it is 3V/230mAh, approximately 30 hours for continuous light and 70 hours for flashing mode. Waterproof body is safe for common use. Don’t worry about the lifetime about battery. You don’t need to buy a new pair of shoelaces as the battery is replaceable.

Pink LED Glow Flash Shoelaces

LED Glow Flash Shoelaces Pink

$3.99 Pink LED Glow Flash Shoelaces For Party Night Sports+free shipping

Yellow LED Glow Shoelaces

LED Glow Shoelaces Yellow

$3.99 Yellow LED Glow Flash Shoelaces For Party Night Sports+free shipping