Infrared Thermometer Read Object Temperature without Contact

Infrared thermometer with laser targeting, measuring the object temperature without contact, assists us a lot in our daily life. Your refrigerator makes great noise and it will burn you when you close to its back. It makes sense to check the temperature of the engine to check the problem. The infrared thermometer is also the great tool to inspect and determine the performance of the heating or cooling equipment and the efficiency of installed installed insulation in exterior walls.  Heat will badly affect electronics, especially in the coming hot summer. Some high-performance computing applications has large chances to shut down by the extreme heat after long-time operation. With this non-contact infrared thermometer, you can keep a close eye on its temperature conveniently.

The GM300 non-contact IR laser thermometer is the ideal tool to measure the objects which are hot, hazardous or hard to reach safely and quickly. It is equipped with laser pointer for accurate target aiming. With a 12:1 distance to target ratio, the thermometer can measure smaller surface areas at greater distances. It also  provides accurate readings over a broad range of temperatures, from -50°C to 380 °C, with the °C / °F selection and laser traget pointer ON /OFF selection.

Besides, this infrared thermometer supports high/low temperature alarm setup, Max/Min/Avg./Dif reading. It is powered by standard 9V battery.

This smart laser accessories will make your home and life much sweet.

Decorate or Make Fun with Nose-shaped Dispenser

Want to make your bathroom funny? Want to encourage your children to wash hands or to take shower? Make to prepare your friend with a fun gift on some special day?

Spare a moment to have a close look at this fun runny nose bathroom shower gel soap dispenser. It will definitely bright your eyes.

This is the nose-shaped dispenser, which can be firmly attached on tiles with the three suction cups at the back. There is a cap at the back and it can be easily unscrewed to refill gel soap.

Install this funny dispenser on the wall of your bathroom and fill the gel soap in. You are ready to experience the funny to take shower at the very first step. Just press the nose and the gel will ooze out of the right nostril. It is also up to you to choose the color of the gel soap, green, white, red, etc.

Not only you, but your mischievous children will love this.  Children will be  greatly motivated to wash hands and so happy to do so.

Sure, it is of great fun and joy to have this nose-shaped dispenser in your bathroom or other corner in the kitchen.


Ready for Camping?

Summer is coming!

Now it is the late spring and early summer, a perfect time for camping and spring hiking. But don’t forget to bring the amazing LED clip-on hat flashlight with you.

The LED clip-on hat flashlight has become the new hot gadget for those who loves outdoor activities, especially the campers and the hikers.  It can be easily securely to the brim of your hat or visor with the two clips.  No wires or bands allows the hat flashlight fastest to be taken on and off.  It is a perfect necessity in the darkness. With this unit attached to the brim of the hat or visor,  you’ve got hands-free illumination that always shines in the direction you are facing, without the need for the straps that support the “miners” lamps. It provides a strong enough beam to illuminate the path ahead as you walk, and is wide enough to not run into your fellow campers.

This LED clip-on hat flashlight is outstanding among others as it not only shares all the features of the other LED clip-on hat flashlight, but also provides 3 lighting modes, which is seldom shared by other lights. The three modes, the 2 LED white light, 4 LED white light and 2 LED flashing red light are smart to be used in different occasions. The 4 LED light can provide you the bring light for reading at night in the camp. While the 2 LED flashing red light can be used for fun, the 2 LED white light can be used to watch out the path ahead of you.

It is multiple-usage lights. Possibly that’s the reason it becomes the hot favorites among hikers and campers.


Magic LED Shoelaces

Flashing LED shoelaces can be the buzz word for the night gatherings. They are the most popular product on the led market today and kids go nuts for them. They are of great fun for festivals, clubs, bar, prom, dance or jagging in the night.

They are almost suitable for any kinds of lacy shoes, such as sneakers, boots, skates, etc. They can also be used as bracelets, necklaces or for pet collars. For some special parties or festivals, these flashing LED shoelaces can be your fun decoration on your shoes or costumes.

This blue LED glow flash shoelaces are made of high transparent plastic material & optical fiber LED, extremely bright with high beam stability. The lithium CR2032 button batteries can keep the shoelaces  on flashing for about 70 hours.

The three modes, normally on, slow blinking and fast blinking, adds you to switch the brightness of the laces to your preference.

The shoelaces are waterproof, durable, safe to use. All the children above 6 years old can play with these glow led shoelaces.

They are easy to use. Used as shoelaces, fasten the lace onto your shoe, insert the ends of your lace from the hole underneath the driver, then, insert the ends of the lace into the holes on the side and turn the switch to the “lock” position. Here, you will get the a pair of fantastic, flashing shoe laces if you press the central button.

Want to be eye-catching on the prom or gatherings at night, wear these flash LED shoelaces.


Have You Got the Flexible Mini Tripod for Your Camera?

Have you got the flexible mini tripod for your camera yet? Light-weighted and mini-sized, this tripod can not be a better choice for your cameras.

This mini tripod is 165 mm * 35mm * 35mm, made of hard plastic. Each of its three legs have nine black ball and socket joints that each have 360 rotational range. The universal 1/4-20 screw link attachment will ensure your camera to the standard tripod mount.

All in all, this mini tripod will truely makes taking digital photos more fun than ever. Firm your camera to the tripod by the universal screw link, wrap the three flexible segmented legs securely to a mearby tree branch, fence or park bench, where the ordinary tripod can hardly secured. Thus, you will catch all the shots wherever you desire. As the legs can be bent into various loops and angles, you are able to get shots from weird angles.

If you used to wobble your camera while taking photoes, this convenient tripod will help you to solve the annoying trouble.

This mini tripod is also a good helper for the photo enthusiast, who prefer to take photos anytime and anywhere. This flexible mini tripod is the lightest and versatile tripod they will bring. It can easily packed in their backpack or pocket.

Ready? Get this flexible mini tripod for your camera and go on for your photo-taking adventures.


Mesh Goggle Glasses: Necessity for Outdoor Games & Activities

Woo, it is Friday! Weekend is coming soon.

Have you got any plan for the weekend? Travelling?Picnic?Play games with friends?Or even organize a team for adventure the desert, forest?

Anyway, whatever you plan to do and amuse yourself , safety always comes first.

If you prefer to adventure the forest or playing the airsoft, hunting or CS games, these mesh goggle glasses are the necessity you need and it does an wonderful protector for your eyes.

These light-weighted mesh goggle glasses will protect your eyes from striking by insects and hurting by tree branch in forest or other remote outer field.  In CS games, they can resist the BB ammo while playing.  When you play airsoft, these mesh goggle glasses will surely allow you to wear a balaclava or shemagh without worry of the fogging version.  Besides, the soft plastic flame and ergonomic design make the mesh goggle glasses comfortable to wear. The metal mesh ensures the durable use of the glasses as they can withstand resist high impact. The elastic head-strap with buckles makes them suitable for different facial shapes and sizes.

Not want to own one pair and enjoy the comfort and protection?

Put Tigger Puppet on Hand and Play with Your Kid

Can’t get tired of playing games with kids, and enjoy the intimate between you and your kids? Just wanna spend a little more time with them and do some preschool teaches while playing. What do you got to choose? Do you ever play the toys on hand game? It’s what all kids love, and it’s a great way to increase the intimate between you and kids.

This tigger hand puppet is cute, funny and easy to handle. Just put your hands into the bottom of the toy, and then reach your five fingers into the seperate five holes: the tigger head, hands and legs. Then you can move your fingers to operate the tigger.

You can start the game with telling a story to your kids. It can begin with “Once upon a time, there lives a tiger…”, create whatever you want and connect with your kids.

If your kids prefer other animals, like dog, you can also buy a spot dog hand puppet.

Now be creative with the hand puppet and enjoy the greate time you create with your kids!

Protect Yourself from Pets’ Scratches

Got scratched by your lovely pet all the time? Even after we cut the sharp nails of them, we could still be hurt. Scratches on the body is not so bad, buy, what if your pet get on your face and wave their claws? It can be really scary! So, let me share a great idea of avoiding those: you just need to put on the paw nail caps for your pet.


Ain’t those little nail caps cute? They’ll be even cutter after you put them on your pet.

Nomatter which kind of pet you keep – big dog, little dog, cat or any other pets that come with claws. If it got big claws, buy big size nail caps. And if small claws, buy smaller ones.

And besides the yellow color, there are many more other colors to choose: pink, red, and others.

The material is safe, it’s made from PVC. So it won’t do any harm to your pet. So, get them now before you get more scratches!

Workout at home

If you have time to go to the gym, or even a universal gym, there is proper station for inner thighs to use there. But sometimes we don’t have the time to go out or just wanna exercise in our own house, then we need some equipement like Thigh Master Exercise Fitness Equipment.

View how people exercise at home with Thigh Master Exercise Fitness Equipment.

What’s the benefit of exercising at home using it?

  • Great for Losing Weight, Toning Abs or Gaining Strength
  • Use on Chest, Waist, Thighs, Hips, Arms, Glutes, Biceps and Pecs
  • Very Durable, Will Last Very long
  • Easy to Carry
  • Use at Your Convenience – Stay in Shape While Watching TV
  • Great for Men & Women
It’s easy and fun, now get one and keep fit and healthy.

Waxing or Epilators?

Removing hair is quite regular and necessary for our daily life. But yet it can seem like a struggle. We want smooth legs, underarms and bikini areas, but that undesired hair always grows back so quickly. Waxing and epilators are two methods that can give long lasting results, however, each has their own pros and cons. Now let’s see which is better for you.

Let’s start with waxing first, Waxing is the most popular hair removal technique till date. Waxing is an effective method of removing large amount of hair at one time.

Advantages of waxing:

  • It’s a very effective method of hair removal in large amount at one time.
  • Waxing can make hairless skin last up to 8 WEEKS.

Disadvantages of waxing:

  • It can irritate the skin, causing redness and bumps for those with sensitive skin.
  • The process of waxing can be messy and sticky.

Epilators are electric devices that look like electric razors but instead of rotating blades have one of three different types of heads to remove hair. Choices include rolling tweezer types, spring types or rotating disc types.

Advantages of epilators:

  • Very easy to operate.
  • Real life savers for unplanned person. You can have smooth silky hands and legs in a matter of max 30 minutes.
  • The cooling pack and the massaging device temporarily numb the area prior to epilation.
  • Over time, hair becomes less coarse when it grows back.

Disadavantages of epilators:

  • Using an epilator can be painful the first few times.
  • Some people may experience problems with missed or ingrown hairs as well.
So, which way do you prefer to remove body hair? Share you opinion with us now.