Get an easy-to-operate Hand Held Tally Counter Numbers Clicker

In our daily life, you may need a tally counter to do the countings at sport events or for any other tallying needs. A tally counter helps you avoid memorizing large numbers.   It’s neccessary for you to get yourself an easy-to-use tally counter to keep track of attendance, baseball pitch count, car parking tally, and anything that requires counting.

4 Digits Hand Held Tally Counter Numbers Clicker

This counter numbers clicker is made of stainless metal thus it is durable, its nice appearance and compact design gives you wonderful and comfortable feelings. It fits comfortably in the palm of your hand or can be mounted on the desk for convenience. It costs only $2.99 and no shipping fee. Get one now for all the statistics occasions!

Suntekstore Facebook Contest—Win $145 Lindt Chocolate Gift on Valentine’s Day!

Suntekstore Facebook Champion

Suntekstore Facebook Champion

Yes, Suntekstore’s Valentine giveaway is coming. Show you love on facebook . The one who win the most likes will win $145 Lindt Chocolate gift. Beside, we’ll raffle 10 participants to win $10 SuntekStore coupon (no minimum purchase). More than 100 hundred people are participating in it.

How to participate:

Step 1: Click the photo and enter our Facebook.  Like our page in Facebook and be a fan.

Step 2: Comment the post with following information:
I am ______. I love _____. I want _____.

Step 3: Share this publicly with all of your friends & try your hardest to get as many comments as you can.

TIP: When you share, you may write “Hi friends, checkout Like or Comment my post here to help me WIN!”

The one who gets the most comments will get our Big Prize: Lindt Selections Gift Basket (worth $145).

We will announce the winners on 14 Feb 2012.

Are you still in wondering?  Chance will not wait you long. The first one has been announced yesterday. Time is limited. Come and get the gift now.

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Keep Me as the Apple of Your Eye

apple necklace

apple necklace

Keep me as the apple of the eye. Hide me under the shadow of thy wings.—Bible

When I was asked to suggest something about the gifts I want to receive in Valentine’s Day, these words came to my head without notice. When mention about showing love or romantic, candies, flowers and some heart shape gadgets are surely on the show list. And we get used to it.

Have you use apple to show your love? Or have you see someone use apple to express love?Apple is regarded as the most precious thing in Bible. Keep me as the apple of the eye means that you are the only one I care in my heart. Be the one he or she see and all that he or she hopes to see. No one can replace your statue, because you are the apple of his eyes.

If you are still in trouble of how to express your love, why not try a apple and tell your lover that you are the apple of my eye.

love apple

love apple


The Chinese Traditional Knot Brings You Happiness and Good Luck

chinese knotToday is Chinese traditional eve of the Minor New Year. In this day, people in China will clean the room and decorate the home with some beautiful red Chinese knots. Red couplets and red lanterns are displayed on the door frames and light up the atmosphere. Though working in a country far away from my family, I, of course will go home early and prepare a super dinner.

In this special day, I really like to tell some interesting thing about the Chinese Knot. Chinese Knot or Chinese traditional decorating Knot is a kind of characteristic folk decorations of handicraft art, appeared in ancient time, developed in Tang and Song Dynasty (960-1229A.D.) and popularized in Ming and Qing Dynasty (1368-1911A.D.) No matter how complicated it may looked, often there is  only one cord. With this cord, people combine different knots or other auspicious adornments skillfully, and then an unique auspicious ornament which represents beauty, idea and wishes is formed. Often a Chinese knot symblize family reunion,happiness , good Luck .

You say you are interested in it? Wow,if you really like it and want it, please leave your comment here and give me your email address. I will transfer your thought to the company.



How about a Delicious Towel Cake for Wedding Gift

Delicious Towel Cake

Delicious Towel Cake

The Traditional wedding gifts such as candies are so common that people want to add some personality and uniqueness to their wedding gifts. If you are the one with similar opinion, let’s look at this delicious towel cake. At first sight, I mistake it with a real cake and wonder how it can deliver to the customers successfully in good shape after such a long journey. Dedicated with ribbons, cherry, and placing into a transparent box, the towel immediately become luring that everyone may want to know who made it, how long will it took, etc.

Of course, if your time is rich, you can make one by yourself. Creating a towel cake is quite simple. Only 3 steps are needed. Step 1. Roll the towels; Step 2. Assembling the layers; Step 3. Decorate with silk flowers or fall leaves .They are great for wedding favors, bay showers, gift baskets, Christmas stocking items and all other occasions. Four colors, red, purple, pink and coffer can be choose.

Clean the Floor Easily When Walking Around

After a whole day’s working outside, every one wants to have a good rest after coming home. Cleaning the floor seems so far away which makes some fell suck. For me, the weekend will be my floor’s happy day for only in that days, I can spare some time on home cleaning. So, when I see this creative mop shoe cover, I know it will win most people’s hearts especially the workers.

mop shoe cover

mop shoe cover

No need to bow or kneel on the floor for cleaning. You can do that by just wearing this mop shoe cover. The cleaning work will be complete when you walking around the house. If you are a busy man who has no much time on home cleaning, this mop shoe cover will be your helper. Perfect for dust, dirt, and pet hair, this mop shoe cover is a great time saver. $5.04 will be cost for one plus free shipping. It is quite strange for it is sold in single not pair. Do you think so ?


Wow,All of Them are Sold on $0.99 Supporting Worldwide Free Shipping

0.99 bargains

Focus on daily deals and want to see more products cheaper on Suntekstore? Come on, we know what you want and here goes the chance .99 bargains are coming. Numerous goods are chosen and marked as $0.99, $1.99, $5.99 and $9.99. Can not believe it? Yes, I also the same felling and can not believe my eyes. $0.99 even can not support the shipping fee. But they really existed. Still wondering? Chances are leaking from your hand now.

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Every Girl has a Barbie Dream

No one can tell clearly how Barbie gains almost every girls hearts and keeps charming in the following years. Since her launch in 1959, 53 years have passed. Barbie has been at the top of shopping lists, especially during the holiday season. What we know is that every girl has a Barbie dream, a dream filled with numerous dresses and a handsome prince. Having a Barbie sometimes is looked as having all the things a princess may have.

Barbie dream

Barbie dream

Today,let’s take a glimpse of our Barbie world. Here, you can find umbrellas, high heel shoes, bicycle, bridal wedding gown dress, dollhouse, even bedroom furniture in a cheap price. Maybe you will say you already is an adult and don’t need it. But will it take your memory to your child? Of course yes. No girl can stand the lure of Barbie.

50% off for Year-end Clearance Sale at Suntekstore

Maybe your guys in foreign countries still don’t know the website Without spending any penny on internet marketing, the click arises in an unbelieving speed that the global alexa rank reaches 1059 within about 1 week. I believe there is no site can reach such an increasing speed in that a time. This site has a name of Online Customer Service Center of China Railway, a site gain numerous praise and abuse at the same time. From it may be you can know how important the Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year in the eyes of Chinese people.

50% off for Year-end Clearance Sale at Suntekstore

Of course, in the year end, our shop needs to make clearance sells in order to prepare rooms for in incoming year. And most of our staffs will go home and have a happy family reunion.

A smart and savvy shopper indeed will seize this year-end clearance chance and show his or her own purchasing fashion taste. With the same money, you can have more and more you want.

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Take a Waist Exercise at Anytime

It is definitely a highly unique gift idea for men, it is a big boy’s toy for men who have everything else, and it is a revolutionary new fitness product for men or women to help build substantial power and strength in the wrists, forearms and shoulders. Take this Green powerball, you don’t even have to use anything else to work your upper body!

Green Power Strength Powerball Wrist Care Gyro

Green Power Strength Powerball Wrist Care Gyro

We all have exercise equipment. Most of that equipment is anything but portable. We have access to it only when we are at home. The problem is that we aren’t always at home, but we still need to get in some exercise. This Green Powerball Wrist Care Gyro is completely portable that you can just throw it in your bag or suitcase and take it to anywhere you go. There are two red internal LEDs that will automatically light up while spinning, it just looks like a crowd of fireflies revolving in the midair. This amazing Green Powerball Wrist Care Gyro only cost US$9.14 +free shipping.