GM816 LCD Digital Anemometer & Thermometer

GM816 LCD digital anemometer is the ideal tool for weather enthusiast, lovers of kite flying, kite-surfing, wind-surfing, paragliding, etc. It not only shows you the air velocity, but also the air temperature.

The palm-sized LCD digital anemometer and thermometer is easy to carry. The large LCD display with LED backlight makes the data easy to read even under the poor light conditions. The wind speed will be measured and read according to the Beaufort wind scale bar graph. Apart from the features of wind chill indication, data hold function, high precision pressure sensor, the digital anemometer and thermometer also features in auto/manual power off with temperature showing in Celsius Fahrenheit.

Besides the usage for activities outside, this digital anemometer and thermometer can also be applied for industrial and home purpose. To measure the temperature of the computer or the fan is such an example.

Whatever purpose it’s used for, this professional tool is so easy and convenient.

Easy-To-Use Garlic Peeler Kitchen Tool Review

Are you tired of garlic peel strips under your fingernails? Now a easy-to-use garlic peeler will help you! Maybe you will be surprised that a rubber rube can be such a useful kitchen tool. It’s very simple! You only just place an unpeeled clove of garlic inside, roll the peeler back and forth on a countertop. After 30 seconds, the skin will come off. This little thing will save you a lot of time and effort. I recommended to you and you will love it. offers this easy-to-use garlic peeler kitchen tool at only $0.99. You will not miss it. And you can know more details from this instructional video!

Easy-To-Use Garlic Peeler Kitchen Tool @ suntekstore

How to Set Up Foscam IP Camera Wirelessly

One of the Frequently asked questions that comes up on SuntekStore’s message board is, “How do I set up my Foscam camera?” If you are still not familiar with it, please follow the steps below to set up wirelessly.

Firtly, you need prepare these materials. Foscam IP camera, DC power supply, wireless router, Ethernet network cable, cable/DSL modern with live internet connection, IP camera tools software and your computer.

Secondly, connect the IP camera’s Ethernet port to your computer with the Ethernet network cable. You should pore over your owner’s manuals to find the exact locations of the ports. Generally, the green LED will go on and the camera will start to rotate around and the come to a rest.

Thirdly, install and run the IP camera tools software on computer. You can find this software CD from SuntekStore package. After you install this tool, click the main menu of it. That will be wonderful if the camera appears in the IP camera tools window and has an IP address assigned to it. Or the screen will appear that anonymous subnet doesn’t match. Don’t worry about that. You should follow the prompt and double click on the sentence. It will turn to the process “Obtain IP from DHCP server”; click “Ok” is good. Then turn off the IP camera tool program, reopen it and the camera would appear.

Fourthly, if you have followed along correctly and the camera is functioning properly, the camera should show up under the “Wired Devices” list. Open the camera in IP tools or copy the address “http://192…” into any browsers. This page will come out.

Fill out the username and password and click the login button.

Check the first setting under the “Device Management” and the “Basic Network Settings” tabs. Make sure that the “Obtain IP from DHCP Server” is applicable to you. Generally, what this does is the camera would be assigned an IP address such as 192.168. xx from the router. Check this box if you are a home user. Hit the “Submit” button after you checked the “Network Lamp”. The “Http Port” box would works when you are trying to view the camera from the internet if you want or leave it blank.

What’s more, click ““Device Management” and “Wireless LAN Settings”. Make sure that the wireless is enabled on your router and the SSID is not hidden.

Now, check the “Using Wireless LAN” before you hit the submit button. Don’t forget to go back to your router’s “Attached Devices” menu and refresh the list to see if the camera has worked. If you follow these steps, you will successfully connect the camera to your wireless network. offers high quality foscam IP camera at discount price. If you have further questions about how to use the foscam IP camera. Please contact us!



3-Color LED Single Column Waterfall Faucet Review

LED known as the light emitting diode, has been more and more popular in recent years. It leads a trend to an overall revolution in the LED lighting world. Apart from the lighting devices, LED also applied to many fields, such as automobile light, computer monitors and even used in waterfall faucet. Today, I want to introduce a 3-Color LED single column waterfall faucet.

Have you ever wished that the water in your faucet could turn blue, green and red? What about a combination of all these three colors? You will not miss 3-Color LED single column waterfall faucet.

It turns blue when the temperature is below 32℃ and turns to green between 33℃ and 45℃. It will change to red when the temperature over 45℃.

3 Color LED Light Waterfall Faucet for Kitchen Bathroom Sink - Round has a big collection of cool LED gadgets. You can search on our online shop and find your favorite ones.