Give More Cares to Keep Your Dog Safe at Night Walking

When coming back home, taking our dog out for a walk is the daily activity. However, the safety problem should not be neglected. If you have some experiences on pets, you must know many pets lost their lives under the wheel. Concerning about this, we should give more cares to our pets.

collar led dog

led dog collar

Though it may not sure 1000% safe, but a LED collar may help to reduce the rate and give more safety to your dog. When having a walk at night, you can switch on the power button in the collar and choose the permanent light mode or rapid flash mode. 6 LED lights will be lighted up and emit bright blue lights. The collar can be disassemble and washable. You can also take it down, if you think this will make your dog uncomfortable or need to be washed after some time. No need to worry about the battery. There are 2 CR2032 button batteries included. You can replace it by yourselves. For the price,a led dog collar only cost $4.59 + free shipping.

Beside, drivers also need to be cautious when driving. If you hurt one pet accidentally, please stop your car for some minutes and phone the number left on the collar. This will help to save a life.