Cool Gadgets-Cute Solar Powered Moving Smile Sunny Doll Toy

People love sunny day with blue sky and breeze which let us enjoy much fun in the outdoor. Therefore it will be very depressed if come across the rainy weather for days. At this time, you may think of the sunny doll, sunny doll can follow the day grandpa command so that the sky will clear. You can almost imagine the scene that sunny doll stood there motionless, eyes closed, be absorbed in to read aloud: clatter, clatter, sunny weather is coming! Suddenly, the rain stopped.

If you do not have one sunny doll, then why not get one? Compare to the traditional sunny doll which can only shake by the power of wind, new generation of solar sunny doll is much more cute since it can shake with the sunshine, as long as there is light exposure to the solar panels behind it, it will shake its head round that super cute. This lovely solar sunny doll can be hanged on glass and can stand on desks for car decoration or home use, I believe you will have good mood when you look at this cute sunny doll.

Don’t miss this cute solar gadget .

Mini Credit Card Solar Calculator

If you are forever loosing USB flash drives and don’t want to carry them attached to your keychain this ultra thin USB flash drive could be the answer.

Billed as being the thinnest USB flash drive in the world at only 2.1mm in thickness, this 1GB capacity USB flash drive – which incidentally also comes in 512MB and 256MB flavors – has been cleverly designed to if into your wallet like a credit card.

A Credit Card Calculator Solar Gadget could actually be a really handy gadget that is very convenient and also assist during daily shopping and calculations.

It isn’t everyday that you run across a cool gadget that is both inexpensive and also be really practical. We all know have a use for a handy calculator in our daily lives: while grocery shopping, determining a tip amount at a restaurant or even just to write numbers down to spell a word remember: 07734.’Hello’ upside down on a calculator?

This mini credit card solar calculator may not have as many features as the pocket sized Receipt Scanner, help you in business networking like the Digital Business Card, or even be a Futuristic ATM Card but it is also not a concept and be a more convenient calculator than the one on your cell phone.

The unfortunate by-product of owning one of these flash drives is that if you lose this it probably means that you’ve also lost your wallet so not only has someone else got your cash and your credit cards, they also have all your files as well.

Advantages of a Solar Pump

In today’s economic climate people are constantly looking for ways to cut their energy bills, if you own a fish pond then a solar pond pump could save you money and protect the environment.

When doing research on these pumps you will notice there are two basic models to choose from, you can either go for the external version or the popular submersible version. The external solar pump will be much more noticeable in your garden, also being situated out of the water makes this pump a lot easier to maintain and keep clean.

You will also find that this type of pump will be a bit more powerful than the submersible version, but with the extra power there comes an extra cost, these pumps will generally be more expensive to purchase than submersible pumps. The submersible pump is much more inconspicuous because it is actually placed in the water, this makes them slightly more difficult to maintain and keep clean.

This type is not as powerful as the external version and is ideal for smaller type fish ponds, another benefit of this version of cool gadget is they are very quiet when running and are less expensive to purchase. When you are searching for the solar pond pump you will notice that most of them are sold as a pump kit, this includes the solar panel which the manufactures say will give the optimum power output for the pump to work correctly.

One simple way of checking if the solar panel is sufficient to run your pump is to make sure the solar panel output is double that of the size of the pump, for example if the pump is rated at six volts your solar panel output should be around 12 volts. Most of the solar pumps come with fixing attachments to help you install the solar panel in the correct place to get the maximum amount of sun, these can be mounting brackets or even some type of small stakes to position and secure the panel.

However some manufactures do not supply a fixing solution so you will have to be creative when installing the solar panel, you can either fabricate your own fixing brackets or fasten the panel to a garden chair or bench. Whichever styles of fixing you choose always make sure the solar panel is secure and in the right place, the panel needs the maximum amount of sun to give maximum power output.

In comparison with traditional electric or gas-powered pumps, solar-powered water pumps are an effective, advantageous alternative. Nowadays, these modern solar products are being used to great effect around the world, particularly in India, where they are widely used for both irrigation and drinking water. The primary advantage of solar-powered pumps is that they run cost-free. A solar array attached to the pumping mechanism gathers all the necessary power from simple sunlight. This also means that the system is self-contained. There is no need for complex wiring to the electrical grid, and outside fuel is not necessary.

Some pond enthusiasts like to make sure the flow of water is at a constant rate no matter what time of day it is, they do this with a solar pond pump that has a battery backup. The battery uses some of the power from the solar panel to charge itself up when the sun is shining, when the sun is not available the battery kicks in and takes over the running of the pump.

Although this is a good way of maintaining the water flow to your pond there is a downside, and that is the price, you can pay twice as much as you would for a standard solar pond pump for one these units. So if you are receiving high electricity bills from running your mains pond pump then check out the solar pond pump, not only will you be saving money you will also be doing your bit for the protection of the environment by using less energy.

The amount of pollutants created due to the usage of traditionally powered pumps is eliminated. This is a great advantage, particularly when used for irrigation on farms, where pollution could cause possible on-site harm. By keeping fossil fuels out of the equation when pumping drinking water, potential contamination is reduced.