Transformix Robot Light the Dark

What do you have in hand for the unpredicted blackout? I think most of us will give an answer of mobile phone. Though we may need a flash light some times, we still don’t want take a stumpy one in our bag or place it on the desk for we will be take a risk of being laughed as outdated and stubborn man.

Light Transformix Robot

Transformix Robot Light

But how about a Transformix Robot torch lamp which can display in different poses? The 6 legs with 2 joints can be pulled out and in. You can transform it into robot, spider and scorpion? One super bright lamp locates on the centre of the head. Light will shine out of its face when you press the button on his top. In a name oflaser flashlight, I think it more looks like a transformer who is ready to fight with the Dark and protect us from any hurts.

$ 4.79  will be cost for a Multi-functional Torch Cool Toy Mini Led Flashlight Transformix Robot Light Torch Lamp + free shipping