Having a Sweet Pink world fulled of Hello Kitty

Our world is imperceptibly filled with Japanese element like maid office, cartoon. Hello Kitty is one of the most impressive,cute and lovely symbols  without doubt. Although mainly aimed at the pre-adolescent female market, Hello Kitty products cover every side of our life from purses, stickers, clothing, and computer equipment. No bound to say that Hello Kitty wins all most every girl’s heart. If you are a Hello Kitty fans, you could not miss today’s Hello Kitty party.

The first is Hello Kitty 4GB USB Flash Drive. 4GB flash memory is enough for common use. You can take it to everywhere and pick it out from your heavy bag easily with an attached keychain. If you already fell sick of the normal, plain flash drive and want to try something fresh, this one could be a good choice. The price is only $12.99 in Suntekstore.

Hello Kitty Flash Drive

Flash Drive Hello Kitty

The second is Hello Kitty USB Pink Keyboard in $16.5. The whole body has been painted with pink and red. Hello Kitty’s face and strawberry can be seen on the main buttons. What surprises me is the waterproof body. Beside the lovely appearance, the vendor also pays much for the use. USB interface is the common design.

Pink Keyboard Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Pink Keyboard

The last one is Hello Kitty Ladies Quartz Wrist Watch. The color is also pink, the most favorable one beyond girls. The watch dial is embossed white round crystal stones. Price for this one is only $5.01.

Ladies Quartz Wrist Watch Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Ladies Quartz Wrist Watch