Flexible 60cm LED Blue Strip Light

Want to add more lighting and colors to your home? Want to be notable while driving in the dark?  Want to make your advertisement more eye-catching? For whatever usage, the flexible 60cm LED blue strip light is the great helper.

  • This flexible LED light strip has 30 LEDs, producing super bright blue lighting. It is waterproof and easy to clean with flexible and durable strip.  It is also easy to install with the self-adhesive back and double-sided adhesive tape.
  • With low power consumption, the tape is widely used in our daily life.
  • It can be used as lights for hallways, stairs, trails, windows or whatever place for festival or party decoration.
It is also used for architectural decorative lighting, archway, canopy and bridge edge lighting, etc.
It is commonly used in advertisement as well, such as single letter lighting, advertisement sign lighting, etc.
For security lighting, it is applied to light cars, motorbikes. With the lights, your cars or other automobiles will be definitely outstanding and also notable in the darkness.
Besides these blue lights, there are various other LED light strips in different length for your choice.

The Ice Cube Lighted Up in the Water

Throwing the ice cube into the water, it may float on the water, or smelt apart gradually, or…What else will you come up in mind about? Have you ever seen an ice cube shinning different lights on the water?

cube ice

ice cube

I am not boasting about something phantasmic,and what you see is true that this ice cube is blinking on the water. No matter how hard you will try, you can not find any power button and see any signal of light until it meet the water for there is no obvious power button at all. Carried a water sensor, it would light up automatically once into water.

Most of you must already find out that it is not a real one, but an ice cube shape LED light. Yes, however who cares about it after a successful party. The purposes to decorate a fantastic party which makes your friend be happy and adores your fashion taste have been achieved. More important is that one multi-colors ice cube LED light only cost $1.99 plus free shipping. You don’t need to worry about it will cost much budget of the wedding or party.

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A Candle? Not Only a Candle

Want giving your honey a sweet romantic dinner or showing your love to an adorable girl but the wind doesn’t understand your mind and blows the lighted candles off all the time? How about abandon the traditional candles and choose some LED gadget?

candle lamp LED

LED candle lamp

12pcs Blow Out LED Candle Wedding Party Favor Decor – Changing Color cost $10.38+free shipping

There are many kinds of LED candle lamps to fit your special needs. Some look alike real candles in light with sound-activated function that you can also blow the candle off. Turn the power button on the bottom, a soft light will be leaked from the candle lamp and fill the room. Some could change colors and give you a fascinating mood. What’s more, the LED lamp doesn’t cost the regenerating resource—petroleum and can be used many times. The only thing you need to do is replace the battery and lamp some times.