Ready for Camping?

Summer is coming!

Now it is the late spring and early summer, a perfect time for camping and spring hiking. But don’t forget to bring the amazing LED clip-on hat flashlight with you.

The LED clip-on hat flashlight has become the new hot gadget for those who loves outdoor activities, especially the campers and the hikers.  It can be easily securely to the brim of your hat or visor with the two clips.  No wires or bands allows the hat flashlight fastest to be taken on and off.  It is a perfect necessity in the darkness. With this unit attached to the brim of the hat or visor,  you’ve got hands-free illumination that always shines in the direction you are facing, without the need for the straps that support the “miners” lamps. It provides a strong enough beam to illuminate the path ahead as you walk, and is wide enough to not run into your fellow campers.

This LED clip-on hat flashlight is outstanding among others as it not only shares all the features of the other LED clip-on hat flashlight, but also provides 3 lighting modes, which is seldom shared by other lights. The three modes, the 2 LED white light, 4 LED white light and 2 LED flashing red light are smart to be used in different occasions. The 4 LED light can provide you the bring light for reading at night in the camp. While the 2 LED flashing red light can be used for fun, the 2 LED white light can be used to watch out the path ahead of you.

It is multiple-usage lights. Possibly that’s the reason it becomes the hot favorites among hikers and campers.


Magic LED Shoelaces

Flashing LED shoelaces can be the buzz word for the night gatherings. They are the most popular product on the led market today and kids go nuts for them. They are of great fun for festivals, clubs, bar, prom, dance or jagging in the night.

They are almost suitable for any kinds of lacy shoes, such as sneakers, boots, skates, etc. They can also be used as bracelets, necklaces or for pet collars. For some special parties or festivals, these flashing LED shoelaces can be your fun decoration on your shoes or costumes.

This blue LED glow flash shoelaces are made of high transparent plastic material & optical fiber LED, extremely bright with high beam stability. The lithium CR2032 button batteries can keep the shoelaces  on flashing for about 70 hours.

The three modes, normally on, slow blinking and fast blinking, adds you to switch the brightness of the laces to your preference.

The shoelaces are waterproof, durable, safe to use. All the children above 6 years old can play with these glow led shoelaces.

They are easy to use. Used as shoelaces, fasten the lace onto your shoe, insert the ends of your lace from the hole underneath the driver, then, insert the ends of the lace into the holes on the side and turn the switch to the “lock” position. Here, you will get the a pair of fantastic, flashing shoe laces if you press the central button.

Want to be eye-catching on the prom or gatherings at night, wear these flash LED shoelaces.


Take a Waist Exercise at Anytime

It is definitely a highly unique gift idea for men, it is a big boy’s toy for men who have everything else, and it is a revolutionary new fitness product for men or women to help build substantial power and strength in the wrists, forearms and shoulders. Take this Green powerball, you don’t even have to use anything else to work your upper body!

Green Power Strength Powerball Wrist Care Gyro

Green Power Strength Powerball Wrist Care Gyro

We all have exercise equipment. Most of that equipment is anything but portable. We have access to it only when we are at home. The problem is that we aren’t always at home, but we still need to get in some exercise. This Green Powerball Wrist Care Gyro is completely portable that you can just throw it in your bag or suitcase and take it to anywhere you go. There are two red internal LEDs that will automatically light up while spinning, it just looks like a crowd of fireflies revolving in the midair. This amazing Green Powerball Wrist Care Gyro only cost US$9.14 +free shipping.

Collect the Sunshine into Your Jar

Your job requires you stay  in a room facing the plain screen at leat 8 hours, wear a suck white shirt and repeat the scissors and paste day by day. Wondering about trying some thing new and relax a little, however you have no choice but huddle yourself in suit again unless you quite and start your own business. How about relaxing yourself by having a sun jar. Take an empty bottle to office in the morning and placing it into your desk or somewhere having direct lights, you can have a bottle of soft light at night. Seeing it absorbing energy in the sunlight, a dream of success will filled with your heart encouraging you to work hard like it.

sun jar

sun jar

On the way back to home, a soft light will be leaked out from the jar and give you a worm hug in dark. There is a light sensor inside to activate the LED lamp automatically, so you can not find any obvious switch button on the appearance. Of course, no switch button doesn’t mean you can’t let the light off. Open the cup, an off button will be appearing. You can turn off the light by that. You may see that there is a “Merry Christmas” on the jar. That is my work. You can also engrave it with an engraving electric tool. Fun and creative, right? Have a try by yourself !

An engraving electric tool will be $4.18 and a sun jar will cost $20.74. All of these support free shipping


The Ice Cube Lighted Up in the Water

Throwing the ice cube into the water, it may float on the water, or smelt apart gradually, or…What else will you come up in mind about? Have you ever seen an ice cube shinning different lights on the water?

cube ice

ice cube

I am not boasting about something phantasmic,and what you see is true that this ice cube is blinking on the water. No matter how hard you will try, you can not find any power button and see any signal of light until it meet the water for there is no obvious power button at all. Carried a water sensor, it would light up automatically once into water.

Most of you must already find out that it is not a real one, but an ice cube shape LED light. Yes, however who cares about it after a successful party. The purposes to decorate a fantastic party which makes your friend be happy and adores your fashion taste have been achieved. More important is that one multi-colors ice cube LED light only cost $1.99 plus free shipping. You don’t need to worry about it will cost much budget of the wedding or party.

More LED accessories and LED gadget can be found here.

A Candle? Not Only a Candle

Want giving your honey a sweet romantic dinner or showing your love to an adorable girl but the wind doesn’t understand your mind and blows the lighted candles off all the time? How about abandon the traditional candles and choose some LED gadget?

candle lamp LED

LED candle lamp

12pcs Blow Out LED Candle Wedding Party Favor Decor – Changing Color cost $10.38+free shipping

There are many kinds of LED candle lamps to fit your special needs. Some look alike real candles in light with sound-activated function that you can also blow the candle off. Turn the power button on the bottom, a soft light will be leaked from the candle lamp and fill the room. Some could change colors and give you a fascinating mood. What’s more, the LED lamp doesn’t cost the regenerating resource—petroleum and can be used many times. The only thing you need to do is replace the battery and lamp some times.

Break the Night with LED Glow Shoelaces

If you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere without emergency flares, this LED shoelacescan take their place. If the power goes out in your cramped apartment and you don’t have a flashlight or candles, LED shoelaces can help you see well enough to move around.

shoelaces LED Glow

LED Glow shoelaces

$3.99 Blue LED Glow Flash Shoelaces For Party Night Sports+free shipping

Above is something about how useful this cool shoelace will be in some emergency situation. But I think most of us will not meet such a situation and having fun with it will be our first concern. Dancing in a bar, club, pub, or wherever you like to, you’ll be the coolest person in the night. You can also make a DIY by yourself. Naturally, the shoelaces are sold per pair, at $3.99 each pair with different colors available. Length/Diameter is 800×2.8 mm. For the battery, it is 3V/230mAh, approximately 30 hours for continuous light and 70 hours for flashing mode. Waterproof body is safe for common use. Don’t worry about the lifetime about battery. You don’t need to buy a new pair of shoelaces as the battery is replaceable.

Pink LED Glow Flash Shoelaces

LED Glow Flash Shoelaces Pink

$3.99 Pink LED Glow Flash Shoelaces For Party Night Sports+free shipping

Yellow LED Glow Shoelaces

LED Glow Shoelaces Yellow

$3.99 Yellow LED Glow Flash Shoelaces For Party Night Sports+free shipping