Solar Power Speaker make your Hands Free

How many times has this happened to you? You’ve just settled in for carry-out Chinese, you’re fumbling with your chopsticks with one hand, reading the paper with the other—then suddenly the phone rings. How do your friends and family members always manage to call at the least convenient moment?

You put the newspaper in the crook of your elbow or something, grab the phone, spill hot lumen across your groin, lose control of your vehicle—because let’s face it, there’s a limit to how many other things you can do while driving—and crash into a storefront aerobics studio, killing four. There has to be a better way!


We have five words for you: Bluetooth Solar Charging Handsfree Speaker. Actually, wait. We have 12 words: Bluetooth Solar Charging Handsfree Speaker and you ought to be locked up for life, you psychotic creep.


This in-car speakerphone lets you yak away hands-free on any Bluetooth-enabled cell phone or mobile cool gadgets. That means you’ll have both mitts available for more important commuting-hour projects—like shaving, Sudoku, or building and painting model airplanes.


It draws its power from Earth’s yellow sun, so you can just stick it up in your windshield with the included suction-cup mount, call out a contact for voice dialing, and speed on down that long ribbon of highway, confident that you now pose an incrementally less serious threat to the safety of those around you. The solar powered car Bluetooth speaker also can carry with you and use in office or any other places. Totally free your hands; you will feel a new space with this wonderful solar powered car Bluetooth speaker.

Cool Handheld Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Tired of typing on screen keyboard of your smart phones or other tablet devices? Try this cool handheld wireless bluetooth keyboard, which will offer you more than convenience.

This handheld wireless bluetooth keyboard is the accurate standard QWERTY keys lay out, providing all the convenient alternative to on-screen typing. You will be at ease to send emails, chat, play games or surf the net. The included media controls of play, pause, rewind and volume greatly easier the control of your movies and music.

The handheld keyboard uses 2.4GHz Bluetooth 2.0 technology to link to your Bluetooth devices, supporting a wide range of devices, iPhone, iPad, PC and laptop with built-in bluetooth, other smart phones with bluetooth, PS3, etc.

Sizing of 4.5 x 2.4 x 0.35 inch, the mini handheld keyboard brings wireless convenience and function into the palm of your hand. You can control your iPad, iPhone, iPod, smartphone or even PS3 wirelessly up to 30 ft (10 meters) away.

Powered via an internal 200MAh Li-ion battery. The Li-ion battery can be charged via the standard mini USB port.

It is the perfect devices for all mobile users with bluetooth devices.




Have You Got the Flexible Mini Tripod for Your Camera?

Have you got the flexible mini tripod for your camera yet? Light-weighted and mini-sized, this tripod can not be a better choice for your cameras.

This mini tripod is 165 mm * 35mm * 35mm, made of hard plastic. Each of its three legs have nine black ball and socket joints that each have 360 rotational range. The universal 1/4-20 screw link attachment will ensure your camera to the standard tripod mount.

All in all, this mini tripod will truely makes taking digital photos more fun than ever. Firm your camera to the tripod by the universal screw link, wrap the three flexible segmented legs securely to a mearby tree branch, fence or park bench, where the ordinary tripod can hardly secured. Thus, you will catch all the shots wherever you desire. As the legs can be bent into various loops and angles, you are able to get shots from weird angles.

If you used to wobble your camera while taking photoes, this convenient tripod will help you to solve the annoying trouble.

This mini tripod is also a good helper for the photo enthusiast, who prefer to take photos anytime and anywhere. This flexible mini tripod is the lightest and versatile tripod they will bring. It can easily packed in their backpack or pocket.

Ready? Get this flexible mini tripod for your camera and go on for your photo-taking adventures.


Halloween Party Ideas on a Budget

It’s the special day of a year. But it shouldn’t be the most expensive. Cheap Halloween parties are becoming the latest trend set by smart and savvy people everywhere. Of course, you need a fabulous party that your guests can enjoy it. But how to realize it? There are many ways you can help to cut the costs.

Once you have your heart set on a party for Halloween, the biggest expenses must be food. As we all know that a Halloween party is always held at night. It’s a perfect time to have dinner so that you should prepare to throw a party with a full menu. If you can reduce the costs of the food, you will have a low Halloween party budget. You can choose snack foods instead of main dishes, or if possible, you can make your own food.


Decorations are also one of big expenses. Using the internet for purchasing Halloween decorations is becoming the normal way for people. Online shopping not only gives you a wider selection of choices but the price being so much lower. SuntekStore is now offering discount Halloween decorations at reliable price. And choose the natural or recycled decorations will be great for you. For example, gourds, straw bales, corn husks and pumpkin.

Remember, the costumes are the necessary item in Halloween party. If you’re good at sewing, you can make your own special costumes from things you already have at home. Or you can choose the used costumers from previous years. If you tend to buy a new one with a resolute heart, you should find some bargain shops that could have coupons or sales promotion. For me, SuntekStore is a best choice.

Save more on your Halloween party is not an impossible task. These simple ways will get you started at the right directions for this amazing Halloween night!

How to Choose the Right Accessories for Your Apple Products

Are you looking for best and latest ipad and iphone accessories? When you want to personalize your Apple products look you need the right accessories. There are so many choices and you don’t know where to start. Here are some suggestions and tips that might help you.

Firstly, you should make sure that what kind of apple product accessories you want to buy. Some people need a case to protect his or her iphone while someone need a Bluetooth headset.

Secondly, search the internet to find trusted stores for Apple products accessories. Of course, you can buy these accessories directly from Apple. But we must consider more in details of costs. Nowadays, more and more online shops offer a large selection of high quality apple accessories at best price. SuntekStore is one of them. It has put together a number of the latest Apple accessories on the market plus free shipping.

Thirdly, seek advice from professional staff. When you buy some apple accessories, you should make sure that these items to keep your ipad or iphone usage easier and more efficient. Professional staff will help you a lot after get to know your individual need. And almost online stores offer consulting service to customers. You can make use of it.

Lastly, save your favorite sellers and stores. After do comparison shopping online before going to online stores, you should find some good deals or stores. It’s easy for you to save more time next time.

Shopping for your Apple accessories can be a fun, yet expensive process. While I happen to know many people who consider their iphones or ipads as their babies, the accessories are worth every penny!